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Catching Up – A Mega Update

Hi there,   Adrian here.   I realise that after such a busy year on the blog last year, I’ve been very quiet this year. Some have asked me whether things are OK, and what’s happening with the Anarchy Books thing so I’ve tried to round everything up.   The tl;dr is that everything is [...]

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News Report On Burlington Bunker

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-28158437 If you've read The Four realms, you'll remember the underground bunker where Darwin & Cassidy find D'Toeni.  As some of you are aware, this location is loosely based on Burlington Bunker in Wiltshire.  The location isn't open to the public and there are very few photos of what was intended to be seat of [...]

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Readers’ Mailbag #2

It’s been a couple of months since the last mailbag so I thought I’d run another bunch of reader questions about The Four Realms.  Please note that these DO contain spoilers for the book so if you are still reading you might want to bookmark this blog post until after you’ve completed it.  If you’ve got a question about the book, send it in and I’ll answer it next time! […]

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Readers’ Mailbag #1

So over the last couple of months I’ve had questions from readers regarding the Four Realms and writing in general. I responded to them at the time but thought they were good enough to deserve a wider audience. With their permission I am allowed to share their questions and my answer with you. If it’s popular and readers continue to send in questions, I may do this as a semi-regular thing. I have enough for a couple of blog posts but beyond that is down to you! So without further delay, let’s get on with the first couple of questions. (Minor spoilers as to the location of major characters at the end of book 1 contained within!) […]

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Bookshelf Bombshells Rates The Four Realms As A “Buy It!”

Given how much writers struggle with putting together the synopsis of a novel, I'm starting to wonder, following this brilliant summary of the setup of The Four Realms, whether authors should employ reviewers to write them. I jest, of course, but this review does a really good job of getting 'inside' the setup of the [...]

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