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  • 01Apr

    New GPSTracklog Article On Geocaching Premium Membership

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    http://gpstracklog.com/2015/03/the-benefits-of-premium-membership.html There was a time when I’d spend weeks coming up [...]  Read More →
  • 26Mar

    Leggeddon 2nd Anniversary

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    **Warning:  Image some people might find a bit gruesome below** Two years ago this week, my leg exploded.  I was sitting at [...]  Read More →
  • 20Mar

    Eastercon Panel Announcement

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    Yes, I will be at Eastercon this year, and not only will I be doing a panel, I will be doing a solo panel Eep! It Was A Dark [...]  Read More →
  • 17Mar

    Announcing: Tornado Press

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    If there’s one writing project that’s fallen behind schedule this year, then it has to be the mysteriously named Project [...]  Read More →
  • 15Mar

    Sir Terry Pratchett Obituary

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    http://fantasy-faction.com/2015/sir-terry-pratchett-1948-2015 This has been an incredibly difficult week.  First my father [...]  Read More →
  • 12Mar

    The Business Strategy

    (Productivity, Publishing, Writing) 1 Comment
    We don’t like to think of writing in terms of a business.  It’s art, and art and business don’t mix!  But the thing I’m [...]  Read More →