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2503, 2016

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In Manchester for Eastercon

1703, 2016

Eastercon Schedule

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I realise I've been fairly quiet on the blog front so far this year, but I've been incredibly busy working away at various things. However, I will be taking a break away from all that [...]

1303, 2016

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Dreaming of the Plains

2502, 2016

Getting Started In Scrivener

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For all those of you who are budding authors or short story writers, I've started the first in a series of articles I plan to write this year on using Scrivener. I think it's a [...]

3001, 2016

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What I did this week: Went to the Wallace Collection in London and played with a 400 year old sword #HEMA #swordfighting #swords #research

The Four Realms


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