Fantasycon 2016

It's coming up to that time of year when the UK SFF writing community gather in some bar under the guise of the Fantasycon convention. This year's event is in Scarborough and I'll not only be attending but taking part in a panel     Wanted: Dead or Alive Saturday, September 24 @ 10:00 pm - [...]

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August 2016 Update

Blogging just seems to be one of those things that has got away from me this year.  Whilst I’ve sometimes taken the lazy man’s option of posting an image to Instagram, I’ve not been as good as I was last year with monthly updates.  Ironically, it’s because I’ve been so busy that I’ve not been [...]

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Levelling Up

Rewriting is a very interesting process.  As someone who writes pretty cohesive first drafts, the whole concept of rewriting has been a little alien to me.  I’ve done the subtle change and chapter rewrite here and there, but rewriting is something that I’ve had to really learn over the last year. 2015 was an incredibly [...]

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Using Scrivener To Store Your Research And Notes

With May taken over with preparation and execution of my 2016 storm chase I've been remiss in letting everyone know about my latest Fantasy-Faction article.  In it, I look at how you can use Scrivener to organise your research and notes. Be sure to check it out!

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Catching Up – A Mega Update

Hi there,   Adrian here.   I realise that after such a busy year on the blog last year, I’ve been very quiet this year. Some have asked me whether things are OK, and what’s happening with the Anarchy Books thing so I’ve tried to round everything up.   The tl;dr is that everything is [...]

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Eastercon Report

A year ago, a group of friends and I were all sat at Eastercon talking about our hopes and dreams as writers. We ended up all agreeing we’d take the novels we had and submit them to agents. And so I ended up coming home and compiling a list of three agents who were setting [...]

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Outlining In Scrivener

Just to let everyone know that my latest article for Fantasy-Faction went live at the end of last month covering the subject of outlining in Scrivener. Be sure to check it out!

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Getting Started In Scrivener

For all those of you who are budding authors or short story writers, I've started the first in a series of articles I plan to write this year on using Scrivener. I think it's a great tool but I found that because it is so flexible it can be difficult to know how to get [...]

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Baby Steps

I’ll be honest… the writing 2016 is off to a slow start. Part of it is simply being busy on other things but a significant chunk is that after writing 600,000 words in 2015, my brain needs to recharge. […]

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New Fantasy-Faction Article

Over at Fantasy-Faction I have a new article up that would benefit anyone currently struggling with their writing. I give you the one piece of advice you'll need this year to propel you and your writing forward. Be sure to check it out!

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