Calm Before The Storm

So here we go again I’ve been in Oklahoma since the weekend.  I’ve filled my suitcase with cheap clothes, I went and saw Age of Ultron, I finally finished watching Daredevil on Netflix.  There’s some major exciting things brewing back home in the meantime, but like the storms, things are quiet for now. After a [...]

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Tornado Presentation Resources

As promised to those who attended my storm chasing talk at Eastercon Weekend, I said I would post a list of resources for those interested in finding out more. First though, thank you to everyone who attended.  It was great to have a full house.  Everyone seemed to be suitably entertained and informed.  Special thanks [...]

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Tornado Tuesday: Driving Towards the Bazemore EF-1 As anyone who knows me will tell you, I really enjoyed my storm chasing trip this year.  So much so, that I decided to go ahead and book again for next year!  In the meantime I've got a huge amount of video and photos from this year's trip that I plan to share over [...]

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