Fantasy-Faction Article On Ulysses 3

http://fantasy-faction.com/2015/so-whats-the-fuss-about-ulysses With everything going on in the background I forgot to let everyone know about my last Fantasy-Faction article in which I take a look at the writing software Ulysses 3.  Available for Mac and iPad it's a great alternative to Scrivener.  Be sure to check out my article!

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New Article At Fantasy-Faction On Calibre

http://fantasy-faction.com/2015/so-whats-the-fuss-about-calibre My latest article for Fantasy-Faction went live this past week.  Continuing my look at software for the reader / writer, this month I take a look at the virtual ebook library software, Calibre.  Be sure to check out the article!

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Article On New Year’s Resolutions At Fantasy-Faction

Over at Fantasy-Faction they've just published my article on New Year's resolutions for writers.  So if you're planning for 2014 to be your big writing year, it's not too late to check it out and pick up some tips for those last few resolutions.

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The Four Realms 5 Chapter Sampler

Still wondering whether The Four Realms is worth 99p of your money? Well Anarchy Books has a FIVE chapter PDF up on their website for you to download FOR FREE. A number of people have said lovely things about the book so far (and none of them have come to me asking for money in [...]

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2012 Review

Traditionally amongst my friends, we get to the end of the year and say “well that was a shit year.” Except, for me at least, 2012 wasn’t. It was a good year, a great year even, especially given the year before. Even when you ignore the fact that 2011 was Shytus Maximus, 2012 will go [...]

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