Five Fantastic Fantasy Action Figures Over At Pornokitsch I feel like all my blog posts at the moment are just me linking to various articles I've done... but then I have been very busy this year! The latest article popped up on Friday on the genre / literary site, Pornokitsch, where I picked out Five Fantastic Fantasy Action Figures as part of [...]

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New Article At Fantasy-Faction On Why Writing Is Like LEGO In this month's article for Fantasy-Faction I look at the links between writing and LEGO and explain why both are awesome. It's a fun article that seems to have gone down very well so please be sure to check it out!

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Project Octopus’ Media Plan

Back in the days when I ran Action-Figure, media plans were the bane of my life. This is where a publicity department or an external media agency will work out the press for any given product along a timeline so to manage their resource and supposedly “maximise consumer impact”. Back in the day, the major [...]

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Palisades Toys’ The Muppets Action Figure Line

I’m packing up the action figure collection. Most of the Star Wars is now packed, as is the G.I. Joe, and last night with great sadness I packed up two of my favourite lines of all time: ToyBiz’s Marvel Legends and Palisades Toys’ awesome Muppets line. Where I’m going there won’t be the room to [...]

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