The Man With Montante – The Climb #175

Saturday 15th July 2017 Today has been a swordfighting day with a seminar on the use of the Montante taking up the best part of the day. I woke up feeling very relaxed.  After writing The Climb last night I went up to bed and read.  I’ve started on The Republic of Thieves.  I’m a [...]

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The Jittery Tank – The Climb #174

Friday 14th July 2017 I’ve felt very unfocused today.  I suspect that it’s pre-tournament nerves starting.  This weekend I’m swordfighting all weekend and then next weekend is the Astolat tournament. I can feel myself getting jittery over the fact that I’m fighting all weekend.  It’s almost as if I’m annoyed that I don’t have time [...]

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Note Taking – The Climb #172

Wednesday 12th July 2017 For some reason I’ve been consumed by note taking today.  And not taking notes but the process of taking notes. I’m not sure if this is driven by a need to be more organised after the disruption of the last week or not but I realised that there must be a [...]

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The Best Fencer Ever – The Climb #170

Monday 10th July 2017 I finally started to feel a bit like my old self today.  I still don’t believe I achieved a whole lot . Work was busy.  I’ve been working on a report, which means a lot of Excel work.  But on top of this, my source data isn’t being created properly so [...]

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The Worst Fencer Ever – The Climb #169

Sunday 9th July 2017 I fenced like crap today. I’d been tempted not to go, given my mood the last couple of days, but then I decided that in doing that, I’d just be defeating myself.  And so, despite my head being elsewhere, I went. I guess I fenced just about as well as I [...]

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High Hopes, Low Expectations – The Climb #163

Monday 3rd July 2017 I had an interesting conversation in the pub with an editor friend.  We were talking about our various projects and he asked me what was happening with Black As Knight. I explained that I was fully prepared that it might not sell but that I had a figure that I was [...]

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Staying Motivated – The Climb #162

Sunday 2nd July 2017 I hate it when the weekend is over, especially when it’s a weekend where I’ve done little writing. However, with the knowledge that I’ve been feeling a bit run down together with the fact that I was seeing Danny yesterday, it made sense to take a little break and refresh ready [...]

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A Reunion With An Old Friend – The Climb #161

Saturday 1st July 2017 Danny is one of my oldest friends.  25 years ago we worked in the same voluntary organisation, and when I was I charge of national recruitment he was one of the regional coordinators. However, back then Danny wasn’t the type of person who looked charitable.  In fact, if you met him [...]

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How Did I End Up In This Position? – The Climb #158

Wednesday 28th June 2017 People who have known me a long time know just how anxious I used to get about things.  I’m a lot better than I was (a LOT better as this edition will point out) but I can still get myself in a panic over the smallest of things. And then there [...]

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Slow But Steady Progress – The Climb #155

Sunday 25th June 2017 I got out the house today. Throughout the whole weekend of sitting at my computer and editing, I’ve been focused on rewarding myself with a good sparring session today.  Not only would that give me chance to socialise with people but it would also give me essential practise ahead of the [...]

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