Calmer – The Climb #360

Tuesday 16th January 2018 I’m definitely feeling a lot better today.  I’ve been feeling a lot calmer and my anxiety has died down a lot. It’s left me feeling exhausted.  Having felt like I’ve drunk too many energy drinks the last few days, I now feel like I want to sleep.  Given that I’ve not [...]

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Racing To The End – The Climb #357

Saturday 13th January 2018 I’ve not really been in the mood to be sociable today.  A combination of factors have sent my anxiety sky high and it was only as I prepare to go to bed that I realise that  I’ve been having an anxiety attack for the past three days. I’ve been trying to [...]

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Making Priorities – The Climb #351

Sunday 7th January 2018 Today was the first time I needed to think about my priorities. 2018 is my year of priorities, it’s about ensuring that as I get busier that I focus on the important things and don’t worry so much about the minor stuff. And today there was a hard choice to be [...]

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The Year Of The Offensive – The Climb #344

Sunday 31st December 2017 2017 was a funny old year.  It was my Year of the Offensive … a year for me to push myself and claim the rewards for my hard work.  As I said back then “it’s going to be a year where I happen to it rather than it happens to me”. [...]

Swordfighting Party – The Climb #342

Friday 29th December 2017 This holiday period has been quite hectic.  I’ve been surprising social over the last couple of weeks and I’m now getting to the stage where I want the rich food gone and a return to healthy eating and quiet nights in. That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it.  My body clock [...]

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2018 : The Year of Priorities? – The Climb #333

Wednesday 20th December 2017 I've come to the conclusion that I spend too much time doing things for other people.  This is mostly my fault because I say yes when I’m being super-productive and can manage “all-the-things” but bites me in the ass when I’m run down or busy. Just taking a couple of weeks [...]

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Burn Out – The Climb #332

Tuesday 19th December 2017 I’ve started feeling a bit better the last couple of days.  Sunday’s low day just made me realise just how run down I was. Looking back I can see just how swamped with tasks I’ve been since the end of August.  I found myself getting stressed out in September when it [...]

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The Year Of Frustration – The Climb #329

Saturday 16th December 2017 This is supposed to be the year of the offensive, but this last week it’s really felt like the year of frustration. Perhaps I’m being a little unfair here.    I’ve really pushed myself this year, documenting everything I’ve been doing to try and move various elements of my life forwards. But [...]

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Devastated – The Climb #325

Tuesday 12th December 2017 To understand how I’m feeling today is going to take some explanation. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m feeling very run down due to my tournament on Saturday.  This is general fatigue and I’d feel like this whether I won or got beaten by everyone.  I felt I fought well but was [...]

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Post Tournament Fatigue – The Climb #324

Monday 11th December 2017 So a weird thing happens to me after a tournament. Swordfighting tournaments are gruelling affairs.  Using Stewart’s calculations from the weekend of 6000 calories for 2 tournaments, let’s assume that you are looking at around 3000 calories for a single tournament.  I’m not sure that’s exactly correct as I’ll have a [...]

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