Queen of Sorcery Review

There are pros and cons to audiobooks. On the plus side, they allow me to effectively “read” at work, listening to them on my iPod as I go about various tasks. But on the down side, it’s not possible to flick back a few pages to check whether you misunderstood something (trust me, after falling [...]

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It’s Not About The Numbers

We have a phrase in Geocaching that goes "it's not about the numbers". This means that it shouldn't matter whether you've found a hundred or only one cache today, but instead whether you went for a nice walk or got taken somewhere interesting. And I think this should apply to reading as well. If you [...]

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Review – City of Ruin

I'd enjoyed Nights of Villjamur but had issues with it. A very good debut novel and a book I'm happy to recommend to people despite my slight issues with dialogue. I was looking forward to City of Ruin. If Newton could build and improve on Nights, then City of Ruin could prove to be a [...]

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