Bookshelf Bombshells Rates The Four Realms As A “Buy It!”

Given how much writers struggle with putting together the synopsis of a novel, I'm starting to wonder, following this brilliant summary of the setup of The Four Realms, whether authors should employ reviewers to write them. I jest, of course, but this review does a really good job of getting 'inside' the setup of the [...]

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New Year’s Resolution

I only made a couple of resolutions this year. This first, in a humorous reference to all those years I said that forthcoming 12 months would see The Four Realms complete, is that I will get The Thieving King done this year. The second was to do with my reading. […]

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The GI Joe Re-read

If I had to list my heroes you’d probably not know one of them. Everyone has heard of George Lucas, Clive Barker and JRR Tolkien but not so many have heard of Larry Hama,. For me he’s up there with those icons. Larry Hama was the writer of a toy tie-in comic called GI Joe, [...]

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Storm of Swords

I’d put off reading Storm of Swords. It’s a big book and I’m a slow reader. I’d also not enjoyed Clash of Kings. The circumstances regarding Renly annoyed me greatly, as if the tone of the worldbuilding suddenly shifted. It felt a forced book, one where the writer’s machinations were too clearly on show. However, [...]

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Epic Fail!

Not sure if something is wrong with me or if I’m coming down with something but I’m falling out of love with Epic Fantasy. For years, I would say my subgenre of choice was the Epic. I love the whole ‘bigness’ of it all – vast casts, vast worldbuilding and story with such massive consequence. [...]

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The Bookcase Dilemma

So where I’m moving too I can probably only fit in one bookcase. That means that a lot of my books need to go into storage. I’ve semi been planning for this eventuality and have been an ebook convert for years (an ebook library doesn’t take up any space!) But this gives me a major [...]

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Empire State Launch

My lifestyle can hardly be consider glamorous. I’m either sat at my desk on the computer or grubbing around in the undergrowth for Tupperware but last night I got to travel into London to attend the book Launch of a friend: Empire State by Adam Christopher. It may not have been superstar-glamorous but it was [...]

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Chicken Soup & Book Launches

Urgh! Not feeling too bright today which is rare for me seeing as I suffer from an over-active immune system and as a result rarely get ill. I was going to write a long ranty post about books and promotion and awards and nepotism but I guess that'll have to wait. Besides, I'm heading into [...]

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Review – Sea of Ghosts

Sea of Ghosts was very much a book of two halves for me. It’s an ambitious book that tries to do something a little different and when it works, it’s brilliant. When it doesn’t… well, we’ll come onto that. I have a real love of fantasy that abandons or subverts the medieval world trope we’ve [...]

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My Problem With YA

Before I get compared to Martin Amis, let me say that I honestly think that YA is where the real innovation is going on in genre. It might not always be extending the boundaries but it's pulling new readers in, and more importantly hooking them. To understand my issue with it though, you have to [...]

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