Why A Writing Career Is Like Playing An MMO In case you missed it, I did a piece for Fantasy-Faction earlier this month where I talk about why a writing a career is a bit like playing a MMO.  A lot of people have told me they liked this article so do be sure to check it out!

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I Now Have An (Exceptional) Agent

So I realise that I’ve been very quiet since coming back from storm chasing. Those who have somehow missed the “worst kept secret of 2015” have asked me if I’ve “stopped the writing thing”.  No, the reason I’ve been quiet is because a LOT has been happening behind the scenes these past couple of months. I’m happy [...]

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Announcing: Tornado Press

If there’s one writing project that’s fallen behind schedule this year, then it has to be the mysteriously named Project Tornado. My plan was that this would go live in early February, and what are we now?  Mid-March?  Six weeks later. In many ways there’s good reason for this.  This has been me dipping my [...]

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The Business Strategy

We don’t like to think of writing in terms of a business.  It’s art, and art and business don’t mix!  But the thing I’m continually learning is that in order to be a ‘professional’ writer (and by that I mean someone who makes money from it) you have to walk that tightrope. I’ve had a [...]

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New Fantasy-Faction Article on Evernote Continuing my look at software for writers, this month over at Fantasy-Faction I take a look at the note-taking application, Evernote.  If you do a lot of research of amass a lot of notes, whether it be as a writer or elsewhere, it's worth checking out this software.

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Fantasy-Faction Wins Reddit Stabby Award

Once a month, I submit an article and it gets posted to Fantasy-Faction. There are loads of others who do likewise and a couple of people like Mark & Jennie who work their socks off for the site. Having run Action-Figure, I know just how much work goes into running a big site (and the [...]

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2015 – The Year Of Hard Work

I have to be honest – I’m going to miss 2014.  It was such a good year for me that it’s going to be hard to top.  I’d set out to have a Year of Adventure and I certainly managed that. In between all the house buying, tornado chasing, and sword stabbing I also managed [...]

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