Calmer – The Climb #360

Tuesday 16th January 2018 I’m definitely feeling a lot better today.  I’ve been feeling a lot calmer and my anxiety has died down a lot. It’s left me feeling exhausted.  Having felt like I’ve drunk too many energy drinks the last few days, I now feel like I want to sleep.  Given that I’ve not [...]

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Getting Organised for 2018 – The Climb #347

Wednesday 3rd January 2018 My main aim for this week is to get my ToDo list up to date. I have been a long time user of ToDoist and have processes for tracking and progressing tasks.  It’s pretty effective and has allowed me to be super-productive in recent years.  I don’t just use it for [...]

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The Year Of The Offensive – The Climb #344

Sunday 31st December 2017 2017 was a funny old year.  It was my Year of the Offensive … a year for me to push myself and claim the rewards for my hard work.  As I said back then “it’s going to be a year where I happen to it rather than it happens to me”. [...]

Plans For 2018 – The Climb #334

Thursday 21st December 2017 It feels that over the last couple of days, plans for 2018 have suddenly come into focus.  Maybe, getting an idea of what my theme for the year is has allowed everything to slot together, or perhaps taking a bit of a break has given me time to relax and gather [...]

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2018 : The Year of Priorities? – The Climb #333

Wednesday 20th December 2017 I've come to the conclusion that I spend too much time doing things for other people.  This is mostly my fault because I say yes when I’m being super-productive and can manage “all-the-things” but bites me in the ass when I’m run down or busy. Just taking a couple of weeks [...]

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Learning New Things – The Climb #309

Sunday 26th November 2017 Despite all the disappointment I ended yesterday deciding that I would go to training today.  After all, it’s not about getting knocked down it’s about getting back up.  And with a later start today I could get a lay-in and still make it to Godalming. Except I overslept and woke up [...]

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Swamped With Swordfighting Stuff – The Climb #305

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 This week is supposed to be a holiday from work.  It’s supposed to be time for me to unwind and shake off some of the day job stress. So am I relaxing?  Am I heck. No, instead I find myself trying to catch up on a multitude of tasks that desperately [...]

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Back To The Edits – The Climb #302

Sunday 19th November 2017 Much to my annoyance there was no Sunday sparring today. Whilst I appreciate that it’s the day after Bucklerthon, I have Wessex Bath in less than a week and… well, I need to train. Perhaps a day off is what my body needs after a slew of tournaments but given I [...]

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There’s Still More Work To Do – The Climb #246

Sunday 24th September 2017 I went sparring this morning.  However, I don’t think I fought very well.  I wasn’t bad, but my focus wasn’t there and it demonstrated to me that my mental game is very important to my fighting. Both Sasha and Pim were there and they’ve picked up a new tell I have.  [...]

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So This Is How Other People Live – The Climb #220

Tuesday 29th August 2017 If you’re a person who is on the go, then taking a forced break is a strange thing.  It reminds me of stepping off one of those travellators you find at airports:  your momentum is forward but everything around you has slowed down and you feel yourself stumble. I do still [...]

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