The Last Jedi (Spoilers!) – The Climb #326

Wednesday 13th December 2017 Warning.  There may be spoilers ahead. I’ve seen every Star Wars movie on opening night since Episode 1 in 1999.  In that case, given that it came out about a month before the UK, I flew all the way to Texas just to see it. But a combination of being busy [...]

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Self-Care Day – The Climb #315

Saturday 2nd December 2017 Today was a self-care day. This last week has been absolutely brutal.  It feels like everything I’ve touched has gone to horseshit, whether it be swordfighting, writing, relationships or the day job.  Overall, things are going well enough for me to realise this is just a bad week rather than get [...]

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Fighting Fit – The Climb #134

Sunday 4th June 2016 Today was my first time swordfighting since before Chasepalooza.  I managed to wake up in time but still felt a bit out of it.  So I really wasn’t expecting much.  In fact, I reckoned I was so out of shape that it might be best to give today a miss. But… [...]

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The Self-Doubt Of A Writer On The Verge – The Climb #62

Friday 24th March 2017 Today was a day of doubt and a lesson in patience. The day job was a bit busy today.  I seem to have run out of youtube videos from the people I follow, and so the day seemed to drag.  I then had to go grocery shopping, cook dinner and get [...]

Why Affleck As Batman Might Not Be A Bad Thing

So it turns out that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman in the new Zack Snyder Batman / Superman movie.  And as a result the internet has let out a collective WHAT?!  But personally I’ve been proven wrong about casting before and as a result had a little think about this.  And you know [...]

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The Avengers (No Spoilers)

In my opinion, Dark Knight is the finest superhero movie ever made. There’s something about the way it builds its own Batman mythos, borrowing minimally from the comics but adding its own twists to make a great movie that you’d love even if you perhaps weren’t a superhero fan. Avengers on the other hand is [...]

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Confessions Of A Horror Movie Wimp

I’ve talked before about how rubbish I am with horror movies. Let’s face it, I’m an embarrassment to my hardcore-horror friends. I immerse myself so deeply that a quick cut to anything, be it zombie or kitten, makes me jump out of my seat and as a result breaks the immersion. As a result the [...]

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Fan Made Final Fantasy Advent Children Trailer

There are elements of anime that I absolutely love. The hyper-reality where everyone's abilities are ramped up to superhero proportions, huge frickin' swords and the way that fantasy and SF mix as if it's no big deal. Japanese storytelling is very different to the 3 act structure you commonly find in the west and as [...]

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