Personal Milestones – The Climb #263

Wednesday 11th October 2017 I make a lot of long term plans.  These can be connected with my writing career, my health or even my own personal development.  And if I possess one skill, it’s that I deliver on those plans. Behind that is nothing complex.  Each large goal is a lot of smaller goals, [...]

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I don’t tend to blog a lot about my sword fighting.  The main reason is that one of my instructors is a writer and often goes to conventions to demonstrate and give talks.  Sword fighting is her thing and it feels like I would be muscling in should I make it some ‘writer USP’ (Unique [...]

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The Big Move

So I realise things have been a little quiet on the blog the last couple of weeks. As twitter followers might be aware, I've been busy with moving to Wiltshire after buying a house in the county. I'd not planned to buy for another year or two but I found a great property at a [...]

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Zombie Shopping Mall

The day job took me to a disaster recovery site yesterday, the idea being that if something happened to a main site, staff could up and migrate to the disaster recovery site and carry on working. But until that happens the place is almost empty. It’s a fantastic site and incredibly eerie. I went into [...]

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Some Cool Art

We’ve all seen those landscape paintings in charity shops. Those ones that look like they’ve escaped some 1970s living room. There’s no denying that the art is well done, but there’s something about the tone or the palette that just makes them feel tired and old. A friend linked me to this article on Twisted [...]

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A New Start

I’d had an idea for this post long before I moved. A proclamation of a new start coupled with a picture of the rising sun. Yes, not so much a new me, but a new era of my life. Except that lives are complicated things and rarely clear cut. I have no doubt this is [...]

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I Should Be Packing

So I’m going to be moving in… little over a week. I really should be packing. I really should be having a clear out. I should be arranging storage and separating things that should go into storage from things that I need to move with me. I really should be… you know… doing things. I [...]

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Xmas Arts And Crafts 2011

A couple of years ago my extended family decided that instead of token presents, it would be a lot more fun to make things for each other. It proved to be a great success. It didn’t matter how well the final product turned out, the time and effort put into it was greatly appreciated by [...]

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