My Writing Group Experience

If you are a member of the BSFA (British Science Fiction Association) then you should be aware of their semi-annual magazine, Focus.  The latest edition should be arriving through members' letterboxes around now  and contained within you'll find an article about my journey to publication and the various writing groups I was part of along [...]

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Interview With Fantasy Book Review

Not sure how I missed blogging about this, especially as I really enjoyed answering the questions and think it's a great interview, but I did this interview with Fantasy Book Review. A nice mix of personal stuff as well as a few story teasers, I think the interview has bits of interest for everyone. Check [...]

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Interview At The Qwillery

I recently had chance to chat to the good folks over at The Qwillery where I talked about The Four Realms and the work that went into creating the novel. I reveal which characters are the easiest and hardest to write as well as my favourite scene from the novel as well as a bunch [...]

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Head Space Podcast Episode 4

Last week, Stephen Aryan interviewed me for his Head Space podcast, where he talks to various authors about their writing process. It's a really interesting listen and I hope the quality of interviewee hasn't taken a sudden nosedive with the inclusion of me. I'm told I made sense, but I'm still not entirely sure. Be [...]

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New Interview At My Bookish Ways

The good folks over at My Bookish Ways have an interview up with yours truly where I talk about The Four Realms, as well as some of my influences. I also reveal a famous face that made me go completely fanboy and what I'm currently working on. Check out the interview here

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Interview At Civilian Reader

So Stefan over at Civilian Reader kindly took the time to interview me about the book. Hopefully I gave some sensible answers that made for an interesting read. Be sure to check it out if you want to find out some details on The Thieving King, you want to hear the Eva Mendez story (surely [...]

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New Interview Over At Manga Maniac Cafe

I took a few days off from the day job so to use up some of my remaining holiday entitlement and to try and get my Xmas shopping done, but as you can imagine, things have been a little crazy. Yesterday was spent following the madness that is Amazon Sales Rank and willing the book [...]

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GeoGearHeads Video Interview

The video from my live video interview with the guys from GeoGearHeads is now live. In it we follow up on my GPSTracklog article on GSAK and go into a little more depth about why this software is brilliant for Geocaching. I don't think I do too bad considering it's gone 2am in the morning.

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GeoGearHeads Interview Heads Up

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be appearing on the GeoGearHeads Google Hangout tonight at 9pm EDT (2am Friday UK time) to talk about Geocaching and specifically using GSAK. I'm likely to be either falling asleep due to the time or wired from too much caffine, but either way it [...]

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