A Short Note About ‘Success’

You might be surprised to learn that failure isn’t the biggest enemy of success.  In fact, failure is very much a part of success, they are like two squabbling siblings who would defend each other against the world.  No, the biggest enemies of success are apathy and negativity. It’s all too easy to come up [...]

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The Blog Post I’ll Link Back To When We All Start Moaning About Awards & Self-Promotion Again

I’ve been pretty wound up the last couple of days. And yes, I know I’m getting older and have publically said I intend to become a “grumpy old man”, but this is about books. Books! I’ve sat on this for a couple of days because I disagree with people I like. I think they’re massively wrong but that doesn’t mean I think they’re idiots or never want to speak to them again. So I don’t want to say anything that singles them out or distorts what they actually said. Over the last couple of days I’ve slipped into generalisations, and as we know people are defined by their exceptions, quirky little beasts that they are. So I’m going to talk in general terms and not mention names. So if you read this and think “that sort of sounds like what we were talking about the other day” it probably was, but that was my jumping off point and my argument is not about the specifics. I want to talk about books and nepotism and awards and promotion, and I want to talk in general terms. […]

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Hype & Becoming Civilian Justice

Both Mark and Sam talk a lot about hype today, and I think between them they cover just about all the point I would have made. However, Sam says something I think is very important "But if one of them asks me about my book, I’m not going to tell them that it’s shit and [...]

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