Body Positive – The Climb #30

Monday 20th February 2017 I’ve now been doing The Climb for 30 days and that in itself has been an interesting journey. I liked the idea of documenting my journey, capturing my mood and what was on my mind day to day.  I knew some days would be a little lean.  I knew some days [...]

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Progress Is Progress Is Progress – The Climb #28

Saturday 18th February 2017 Given how last week I slept in until the afternoon and how knackered I was feeling after this past week, I’d not planned to accomplish much on Saturday.  However, I woke at 9am (which wasn’t that late given how late I’d gone to bed) and despite trying to get back to [...]

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You Can’t Write Car Chases – The Climb #26

Thursday 16th February 2017 I think you can tell when I’ve not written anything the day before as I’m always in a bad mood. Some people love to have written, but only writers love to write.  It took me a long time to realise that the feeling you get when everything feels like it’s not [...]

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92 Days And Counting… – The Climb #25

Wednesday 15th February 2017 I was reminded today that it’s only 92 days until I go storm chasing again. We’re doing something different this year.  Last year was high octane insanity.  We were driving at tornadoes coming towards us, jumping out the van to get video and photos and then dashing away at the last [...]

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Investing For The Big Payoff Down The Line – The Climb #24

Tuesday 14th February 2016 I do sometimes worry that some days nothing exciting happens, that there’s no huge news or important revelations about writing the new novel or marketing the other one. But writing is like that.  Sure I try and make it entertaining, but I think The Climb isn’t something that something where you [...]

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You Can’t Be Brilliant Every Week – The Climb #22

Sunday 12th February 2017 Today I went and did a little sparring with friends. I think today showed me how much of an odd week this has been.  Unlike last week when my focus was laser sharp and I fenced probably the best I ever have, this week my mind wandered and as a result [...]

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Half Day – The Climb #21

Saturday 11th February 2017 I obviously wasn’t lying when I said I was emotional exhausted. Admittedly I went to bed in the small hours but I never got up until gone 1pm.  I’ve never been one of laying in.  I’d much rather get up and do things.  But I do listen to my body and [...]

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The Rollercoaster of Life – The Climb #16

Monday 6th February 2017 Today I’ve been wondering when confidence becomes ego. There’s this old joke I always tell whenever anyone paid me a compliment.  It’s probably me deflecting my embarrassment of being unable to handle praise, but I always reply “and I’m really, really modest”.  Most people get it, and even if they don’t [...]

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IT Challenges – The Climb #12

Thursday 2nd February 2017 Today has been a day of IT challenges. The day job has been a little busy today and I needed to try and get a load done before I headed into town this afternoon.  Technically, this should have been an easy job.  That is unless the world of corporate IT decides [...]

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A Trip To The Hospital – The Climb #4

Wednesday 25th January 2017 I said yesterday that Wednesday would be a busy day.  I under-estimated just how much. The morning was taken up by a hospital check up.  I had a biopsy done 3 months ago and today I went back for the results.  What I thought would be a routine update turned into [...]

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