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New Fiction: Neon Lights & Green Fire

So "Neon Lights & Green Fire" has been added to the website, a tale of elves, goblins, gangsters and fairy princesses set in Las Vegas. Thanks to members of Orbiters for their critiques, and thanks especially to Leigh Barlow for his last minute extra beta reading. As I mentioned before this story is a bit [...]

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My Upcoming Experiment In Short Fiction

So this project is a story in itself. Are you sitting comfortably? Back in September, I wrote a short story I was very proud of. People say you can’t do Elves any more without it being derivative, so I attempted to do something that wasn’t. What I ended up with was something I think is [...]

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Now With Added Fiction

In the past 24 hours I've seen my creative mood swing from feeling very positive to extremely critical. There's been no trigger either that I can see. It sucks, because I need to get the novel done, and things like this get in the way. But in my slump, I decided that I really need [...]

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