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A Week In Birmingham

POSTED ON September 16th, 2013  - POSTED IN Food, Geocaching, Health, Travel, Writing

Over the years I have worked for a number of companies that say they offer training and then in reality never do.  So when the day job offered to send me to Birmingham for the week, I jumped at the chance.  Whereas for most people a week away, stuck in a hotel, sounds like hell, for me it’s perfect.

I train during the day, get to geocache in a new area in the evening and then write when it gets dark.  For me that’s pretty close to perfection.


Lardy Rolls

POSTED ON June 11th, 2012  - POSTED IN Food

My parents don’t live too far away and so I pop round a couple of times a week (usually to be fed!). I had a nice surprise on my latest visit when my parents announced they’d been to Cranleigh and brought me back some lardy rolls.

Now I cannot begin to tell you how much I love lardy rolls. Smothered in butter and marmite that are a rare treat I adore!