Worldcon Reading – Saturday 5pm

A little late notice but I'm happy to announce that I will be doing a reading as part of the pirate program at this year's World Science Fiction Convention.  I'll be on sometime between 5pm and 7pm (mostly likely, if they follow the order, somewhere around 6pm).  It'll be at the bandstand in the fan [...]

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The Eastercon Report

It wasn’t that I expected Bradford to be a bad Eastercon, I just had really low expectations. For that reason, my entire focus leading up to the event was on my panels and trying to ensure they were as entertaining as possible. But it turned out to be a truly exceptional con. […]

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Laura Lam’s Pantomime

Time is just running away from me. It feels like only yesterday I handed in one of my monthly articles and already it’s nearly time to hand in the next. Likewise, I’ve had a note to blog about a friend’s book launch I attended, and I now realise it was a couple of weeks ago. [...]

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Seven Wonders Book Launch

The boss on my day job is absolutely brilliant. Not only does he understand that happy employees mean productive, dedicated employees, but he is really supportive on what little of a writing career I have. As a result, on Thursday, he said he would stay and deal with a vendor so I could get away [...]

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Strange Chemistry Imprint Launch

Last week, I managed to call in some favours to knock off the day job early in order to head up t the British Library to attend the Strange Chemistry imprint launch. Those who’ve ever read my writing might question why I would go to the launch of an imprint specialising in YA fiction. The [...]

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Fantasy Faction’s High Fantasy Evening

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot less lately. This isn’t intentional. I’ve just had the most crazy couple of weeks and blog updates got sacrificed to the gods of time. I promise to blog more next week as I have a lot of big posts lined up. But as crazy as my [...]

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Seeing The Olympic Torch Relay

I read something recently that argued that it is harder to write hope than it is to write cynicism. I think that’s probably true. Likewise, I think that it’s easier to be cynical than to be hopeful. Showing hope somehow exposes us, lays bare our dreams and aspirations, amkes us vulnerable. This is why I [...]

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The Eastercon 2012 Report

The Raddison Edwardian Heathrow is a strange place. It was either designed by an architect whilst dropping acid or one with an acute hate of right angles. It is possible to take a lift up one floor and end two floors above where you started, routes back from places don’t seem the same as the [...]

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