Fantasycon 2016

It's coming up to that time of year when the UK SFF writing community gather in some bar under the guise of the Fantasycon convention. This year's event is in Scarborough and I'll not only be attending but taking part in a panel     Wanted: Dead or Alive Saturday, September 24 @ 10:00 pm - [...]

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Eastercon Report

A year ago, a group of friends and I were all sat at Eastercon talking about our hopes and dreams as writers. We ended up all agreeing we’d take the novels we had and submit them to agents. And so I ended up coming home and compiling a list of three agents who were setting [...]

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Eastercon Schedule

I realise I've been fairly quiet on the blog front so far this year, but I've been incredibly busy working away at various things. However, I will be taking a break away from all that to attend Eastercon next week. Whilst I'll mainly be found hanging with all the usual reprebates in and around the [...]

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Fantasycon 2015 Report

Conventions can be a little addictive.  When you start you go for the panels, trying to pick up information and tips that will help you with your own writing.  But as you progress you’ll find that panels repeat topics and themes, and so become less important.  Instead, conventions will become more about the people. […]

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Fantasycon Schedule

Fantasycon is less than a week away and I’m busy trying to get everything done so I can enjoy the event instead of stressing over work.  It’ll be great to catch up with friends, some of whom I’ve not seen since Eastercon.  But I won’t just be lounging around in the bar as I’m glad to announce that I not only have a reading but I will be appearing on a panel as well! […]

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Bristolcon 2015 Report

Amongst all the hard work of doing the rewrites, I managed to take a little time out to attend Bristolcon. Bristolcon is a small single-day literary convention held in the titular town.  It’s been growing in stature over the years, mainly due to everyone who attends attesting to how great it is.  It had always been a bit of a long drive for a single day but since moving to Swindon it’s now pretty local. I was pleased that a lot of my writing cohorts from Swindon Free Writers had decided to attend and some of them had arranged a number of cars to take us all down.  It’s always nice to attend these events with good company and this was no different. […]

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Bristolcon Schedule

I’ll be attending my first ever Bristolcon on the 26th September.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about the event so I’m really excited to attend. More importantly, I’m also going to be on a number of panels! […]

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Eastercon 2015 Report

Eastercon is usually a time for me to get enthused for the months ahead.  It’s the start of the convention season and usually a time when I’m working toward completing things.  Two years ago, when I was last here, I was promoting The Four Realms with a massive hole in my leg.  Last year, I missed Eastercon to go on my big storm chasing adventure, telling everyone that I was in Scotland with the day job. This year, I came prepared. […]

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Eastercon Panel Announcement

Yes, I will be at Eastercon this year, and not only will I be doing a panel, I will be doing a solo panel Eep! It Was A Dark And Stormy Night: In 2014, fantasy author Adrian Faulkner, trained in secret to become a storm chaser. He flew out to Oklahoma and found himself in [...]

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GeoGearHeads 144: GSAK I For those of you who missed it last week, GeoGearHeads has posted the video of the webchat we had where I talked about the wonders of the Geocaching software application, GSAK. I sound remarkably coherent for 2am in the morning! If you're a geocacher who has been wondering why so many Geocachers rave about [...]

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