The Story Is King – The Climb #157

Monday 27th June 2017 I was having a bit of a panic this morning.  I woke to be no clearer about my quandary from yesterday.  My head was telling me to simplify relationships to make it easier for the reader, and yet my gut was telling me that the depth was in those characters and [...]

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Learning To Listen To My Gut – The Climb #139

Friday 9th May 2017 Some days are just unproductive, even though want of trying. Today’s plan was to get the ball scene done.  In many ways it’s a simple change.  Currently hero stumbles across information at the ball.  Instead, he has to go seek it out. It should be a simple change but it’s going [...]

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August 2016 Update

Blogging just seems to be one of those things that has got away from me this year.  Whilst I’ve sometimes taken the lazy man’s option of posting an image to Instagram, I’ve not been as good as I was last year with monthly updates.  Ironically, it’s because I’ve been so busy that I’ve not been [...]

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Why Affleck As Batman Might Not Be A Bad Thing

So it turns out that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman in the new Zack Snyder Batman / Superman movie.  And as a result the internet has let out a collective WHAT?!  But personally I’ve been proven wrong about casting before and as a result had a little think about this.  And you know [...]

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Batman & Morrison’s View On The Ending Of The Killing Joke So there’s been some interesting discussion about the classic Batman graphic novel, The Killing Joke.  In a podcast with Kevin Smith, comic book writer Grant Morrison said that he always saw the end as Batman killing The Joker, and puts forward convincing arguments for his reasoning. The internet is now alight with discussion as [...]

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The Most Amazing TMNT Fan Art Ever Nope it's not concept art for a movie or from a new comic, but this fan art for the last stand of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is just amazing.  I love art like this, that take something from popular culture and treats it with reverence and respect.  It's by an artist from Portugal [...]

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The GI Joe Re-read

If I had to list my heroes you’d probably not know one of them. Everyone has heard of George Lucas, Clive Barker and JRR Tolkien but not so many have heard of Larry Hama,. For me he’s up there with those icons. Larry Hama was the writer of a toy tie-in comic called GI Joe, [...]

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My First Publishing Credit

When I was clearing out the old house I came across a lot of my old print publications that I thought I’d lost. I took them with me and, today, have spent the afternoon scanning covers and updating bibliographies. With some magazines I was actually quite surprised just how much I wrote, and whilst I [...]

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The Avengers (No Spoilers)

In my opinion, Dark Knight is the finest superhero movie ever made. There’s something about the way it builds its own Batman mythos, borrowing minimally from the comics but adding its own twists to make a great movie that you’d love even if you perhaps weren’t a superhero fan. Avengers on the other hand is [...]

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Zombie Shopping Mall

The day job took me to a disaster recovery site yesterday, the idea being that if something happened to a main site, staff could up and migrate to the disaster recovery site and carry on working. But until that happens the place is almost empty. It’s a fantastic site and incredibly eerie. I went into [...]

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