In Which I Shill For Votes

I have so much to tell you.  I have my report on World Fantasy Con, a writerly challenge I was given, a new article that's due to be published soon (and of which I am particularly proud), NaNoWriMo updates and general writerly updates.  But I'm still recovering from my trip to Brighton and am super-busy, [...]

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Four Realms Gets Book Of The Month

As the author, I'm naturally very proud of The Four Realms. What surprised, and genuinely delighted me, is how well it has been received. So I'm doing the 'happy Snoopy dance' to find out that Fantasy Book Review has selected it as one of their books of the month for March. They obviously have impeccable [...]

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In Which I Learn I Need To Ego Surf More

Any author that tells you that they don’t google their own name is probably lying. However, ego surfing can often turn up commentary and reviews of your work that you would otherwise be unaware of. I’ve been doing a bit of it, mainly through twitter searches and google alerts to find out about new reviews [...]

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Thank You

One of the traits of being a writer (at least for me – I’m not sure if it holds universally true) is that you spend an awful lot of time wondering if you’re any good. I heard someone say that “all good artists constantly doubt themselves” and I hope that’s true, because there are times, [...]

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Hugo Awards Coverage

When I was a boy, I had this vision of the Hugo Awards looking a bit like the Oscars. I imagined there would be a orchestra, and for years (and I do mean years) I tried to decide what I would have as my music if I ever went up to accept an award. It [...]

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