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31 01, 2018

The Walking Wounded – The Climb #374

2018-02-01T17:46:20+00:00 January 31st, 2018|Games, Health, The Climb|0 Comments

Tuesday 30th January 2018 Today I hurt like someone who’d nearly chopped their finger off.  Now the shock has worn off. The hand really, really hurts. It’s not just the finger though… just trying to stretch my hand results in pain.  So typing hurts it (even if not using the finger), ALT-CTRL-DEL is next to [...]

30 01, 2018

I Severed My Finger – The Climb #373

2018-02-01T17:40:41+00:00 January 30th, 2018|Health, The Climb|0 Comments

Monday 29th January 2018 For someone who fights with blades I’m not very good with sharp objects. I had a major injury today and sliced a good chunk of my finger off, nail and all. The day job was really busy this morning.  We had a major incident that took a lot of our time [...]

29 01, 2018

A Day Of Progress – The Climb #372

2018-01-29T23:48:33+00:00 January 29th, 2018|Movies, Swordfighting, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

Sunday 28th January 2018 I have two swordfighting competitions in the next month.  They’re not for my primary weapon type (rapier & dagger) so I’m not too worried about them.  My hope is that they are a way to ease myself back into competition. First I have the English Sidesword Open.  I’m fighting single sidesword [...]

28 01, 2018

Starting On A New Short Story – The Climb #371

2018-01-28T15:40:14+00:00 January 28th, 2018|Process, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

Saturday 27th January 2018 Today has been quite a hectic day.  I actually managed to get a decent night’s sleep for a change.  I was then up and about trying to get some bits for dinner tonight where a friend came over for a meal and we watched IT. However, in amongst all the chaos, [...]

27 01, 2018

Creating A Big Bad For The Next Novel – The Climb #370

2018-01-27T16:52:14+00:00 January 27th, 2018|Process, The Climb, TV, Writing|0 Comments

Friday 26th January 2018 My friend came over this evening and we had an evening of watching The Defenders on Netflix.  It was a fun evening of silliness, fart jokes and I actually really liked seeing the Netflix Marvel Universe come together  (Don’t even start me off on how excited I am for Infinity War) [...]

26 01, 2018

I Gave Away My Best Idea – The Climb #369

2018-01-27T15:25:20+00:00 January 26th, 2018|Process, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

Thursday 25th January 2018 There’s this thought when you start out as a writer that ideas are sacred, something heaven-bourne.  If you’ve not had much writing experience you can also fall into the trap of thinking an idea arrives fully realised. “Where do you get your ideas?” many authors are asked, and the answer is [...]

25 01, 2018

How To Get Started – The Climb #368

2018-01-25T12:51:11+00:00 January 25th, 2018|Process, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

Wednesday 24th January 2018 I have no idea why, but I somehow only managed 3 hours sleep last night.  As a result I’ve been ridiculously tired all day, not achieved much and have decided to focus this edition of The Climb on some practical advise on getting started. It doesn’t help when it’s an incredibly [...]

24 01, 2018

Organising For The Year Ahead – The Climb #367

2018-01-24T12:16:25+00:00 January 24th, 2018|Process, Productivity, Swordfighting, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

Tuesday 23rd January 2018 It always seems to take me until the end of the month to get myself in gear for the year.  My friend says that it’s the same in the gym, that the big influx of new people comes a few weeks into January rather than in the first week. Having a [...]

23 01, 2018

A Year Of The Climb – The Climb #366

2018-01-23T12:15:00+00:00 January 23rd, 2018|Publishing, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

22nd January 2018 A year ago today, I started my little experiment.  I started documenting my writing career through daily blog posts.  The idea was to make a ‘DVD extra’ of how my books came about, how other things in my life fed into that creative process.  I wanted to document my writing career – [...]

22 01, 2018

I Broke My FitBit – The Climb #365

2018-01-22T13:28:39+00:00 January 22nd, 2018|Health, The Climb, Writing|0 Comments

Sunday 21st January 2017 I’m still getting aftershocks following last weekend’s anxiety attack.  I was pretty rough going to bed last night and still felt a little anxious this morning.  Random things keep setting it off and I’m not sure why. I’d already decided that I would go sparring this morning.  It was a long [...]