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Leggeddon 2nd Anniversary

POSTED ON March 26th, 2015  - POSTED IN Health

**Warning:  Image some people might find a bit gruesome below**

Two years ago this week, my leg exploded.  I was sitting at my desk working on the computer when I felt a sudden wetness on my shin, as if someone had tipped a glass of water down it.  This was followed a second later by a stench so foul it stung my nose.

Something obviously wasn’t right.

I don’t remember when the pain hit.  I think I was too much in shock to begin with.  I went into the bathroom and rolled up my trouser leg.  My shin… was gone.  I mean, it looked like something out of a SFX movie.  You know the bit where they’ve shot the alien and there’s just a corpse with a massive hole where its chest once was – that was like my leg.

My shin had a hole the size of a tea plate.  There was just nothing.   I looked in panic, saw blood and gristle.  I saw my shin bone, but I couldn’t see how deep the hole went.  What had exploded out of it was bright neon orange, and it stank like death.

Eastercon Panel Announcement

POSTED ON March 20th, 2015  - POSTED IN Events, Weather

Yes, I will be at Eastercon this year, and not only will I be doing a panel, I will be doing a solo panel


It Was A Dark And Stormy Night:

In 2014, fantasy author Adrian Faulkner, trained in secret to become a storm chaser. He flew out to Oklahoma and found himself in the middle of one of the worst tornado outbreaks of 2014. In this panel Adrian will talk about tornadoes, the difference between the media perception and the reality, the science and why so little is known, what it means to be a storm chaser, and the experience of being inside a mile-wide tornado.

So keep Easter Sunday, 12:30pm free and come to Endeavour for tornadoes, Tornadoes!, TORNADOES!

(Note: Times and locations could change, please refer to official programme for up to date information)


Announcing: Tornado Press

POSTED ON March 17th, 2015  - POSTED IN Publishing

If there’s one writing project that’s fallen behind schedule this year, then it has to be the mysteriously named Project Tornado.

My plan was that this would go live in early February, and what are we now?  Mid-March?  Six weeks later.

In many ways there’s good reason for this.  This has been me dipping my toe into uncharted waters and seeing how deep that water is.  The answer: a lot deeper than I thought.  As a result, this project has grown a lot in scale in those additional six weeks.

So what is Project Tornado, I hear you ask?  Well it’s my folly – my very own digital imprint – Tornado Press.

Sir Terry Pratchett Obituary

POSTED ON March 15th, 2015  - POSTED IN Writing

This has been an incredibly difficult week.  First my father gets rushed into hospital terribly ill and then one of my favourite authors dies.  It’s fair to say there’s been quite a bit of emotion this week.

However, I’ve been determined not to let it derail my writing (even if I’ve slowed down a bit) and thought it only right that I contribute to Fantasy-Faction’s Sir Terry Pratchett obituary.  You can read my words, along with those of other Fantasy-Faction staffers over at

The Business Strategy

POSTED ON March 12th, 2015  - POSTED IN Productivity, Publishing, Writing

We don’t like to think of writing in terms of a business.  It’s art, and art and business don’t mix!  But the thing I’m continually learning is that in order to be a ‘professional’ writer (and by that I mean someone who makes money from it) you have to walk that tightrope.

I’ve had a few people comment that with everything I’m doing right now, I don’t seem to be too focused on the business side of things.  I seem to be jumping from one project to another, as if I’m chopping and changing rather than focussing on one thing.  And when I tell them some of the things I’m working on in the background, it just further cements that view.

They’re wrong.

The Year of Hard Work – February Report

POSTED ON March 3rd, 2015  - POSTED IN Process, Writing

So we’re already two months into the year.  It’s going fast, isn’t it?

February was always going to be a big test for me.  January was about shooting out of the gate and getting a load written.  February was about polishing some things to completion and getting them submitted.  As much as I would like to say I was sitting here with 200,000 words under my belt, the reality was that my wordcount dropped in February.

66,000 words compared to January’s 95,000, bringing my Year To Date total to 161,000 words.

I say that like it was a disappointment.

This WAS expected.  I needed to put a lot of work into a few things that didn’t involve word count, either editing stuff or working on projects.

I’d said to a few fellow writers back at the end of January that my YTD (year to date) target for the end of February was to hit 150,000, given the amount of editing and non-wordcount writing tasks I had.

Looking back at what I wanted to achieve in February, I pretty much did everything I wanted.  I think the only real miss was Project Tornado

Punching The Universe In The Nose

POSTED ON February 27th, 2015  - POSTED IN Health, Writing

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that the universe is fair.

As a race, despite all our stupid prejudices, human beings believe in equality and justice.  They believe that if you work hard, you should be rewarded, that nice things should happen to nice people.

The universe doesn’t agree.

It sits out in space, this huge tentacle beast the size of a couple of galaxies, and it’s indifferent.  It doesn’t think “Ahh John has had a bad day, I’ll give him a break.”

The universe doesn’t care.

The universe is a bit of a dick really.


POSTED ON February 24th, 2015  - POSTED IN Process, Productivity, Writing

It used to be that I’d write the first third of a novel, stop and then give up.  I’d have thirty or forty thousand words in the bag but I’d get to this stage and feel … like something was off.  I cannot tell you how many times I rewrote the first third of The Four Realms.  It became a joke amongst friends that I’d never complete it.

Looking back, I can see just how much I did wrong in writing that book.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an awesome book and I love the finished product, but my approach to writing it was very wasteful with my time.  Of course, I have the gift of hindsight now, and have spent the last couple of years working hard to improve my efficiency.

The Genesis Of An Editing Process

POSTED ON February 20th, 2015  - POSTED IN Productivity, Writing

So last night, I got to catch up with my friend, Amanda Rutter.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other so we had a lot of catching up to do.  It was also an excellent excuse for All You Can Eat Chinese.  Like I need an excuse!

Amanda was the editor for the Strange Chemistry Imprint and now does freelance editing.  She knows her stuff, and if you’re after a book editor, I’d really recommend her services.

One of the things we talked about was My Year of Hard Work.  I told her about all the things I was doing, both things I’ve announced here and all the unannounced stuff.  We talked productivity and how I’m able to do all the things I’ve done so far this year by working smarter rather than harder.  And this brought us onto a subject of mutual common interest: editing.

You see, I have really good processes for writing.  It’s what’s allowed me to write a ridiculous number of words so far this year without pushing myself.  At the core of that is metrics.  I wrote a little about metrics back in a Fantasy Faction article last year but I’m making a real point of logging all my writing so I can track not only progress but productivity as well.

February hasn’t been such a great month for word count.  And by great, that’s by my current standards.   But it’s OK, it’s not a race, and besides, I’ve been doing a lot of editing.  I’m still on course for well over a million words written this year (note: my target is 500,000).

My problem is that I need to capture this editing time.  If I’m to become more proficient at editing, I need to first understand what I’m doing currently.

Speaking to Amanda, I think we worked out some basic metrics.  My plan is to take this away and start using it to get some sample data.  This is actually very exciting and whilst I’m sure it will need plenty of fine tuning along the way, this is the first step in putting together a process for editing.

I’m hoping by the end of the year I’ll have a pretty good process down.  Being only February, it not only gives me plenty of time to try a few things , but means I’ll have a lot of decent data to work with.