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Scotland Bound (But Not To Eastercon)

POSTED ON April 15th, 2014  - POSTED IN Travel, Writing

In a few days’ time I get to go away with the day job for three weeks in the Scottish Mountains doing IT  on what is little more than a construction site. Despite my proximity to Eastercon I will not be there.

There’s a lot to get ready. Longest I’ve been away with the leg is a week and that took a lot of  planning. Three weeks means a lot more. And with a week to go, it’s a little manic.

As a result I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ve already entered the time of “little writing”.  That time is being used with preparation and planning. I knew it was coming and I’ve planned for it. Thieving King is in a perfect place for a break (and I ‘m really pleased that I’m finding that I’m frustrated with myself for not being able to write).

As a result of being in the Scottish Mountains and having terrible phone reception, I’m pretty much going to be uncontactable for at least week or so. If you email me or try and contact me via social media, you are unlikely to get a reply until some time in May.

However, I’ve got a ton of really interesting blog posts scheduled to go live starting around Easter Monday, so I would definitely make a point of checking those out.

Planning Geocaching Days Out At GPSTracklog

POSTED ON April 7th, 2014  - POSTED IN Geocaching, Writing

My latest article for GPSTrackLog has gone live and this month I’m showing you my method for putting together a day out caching.  I cover all the things to consider and the different tools I use to make sure the day out is a success, whether I plan to just do a handful or set a new geocaching record.

Be sure to check it out!

Writing Progress

POSTED ON April 5th, 2014  - POSTED IN Writing

So April got off to a slow start with a number of days off the writing.  Issues with the leg have slowed me down a little the past fortnight and taken my attention elsewhere.  And Storm Chasing season is just starting in the US meaning I’m glued to livestreams of an evening.

I’m also moving into the second act of this draft of Thieving King which is where things are radically different from previous drafts.  This has been the point where things have broken in the past.  This time they feel pretty tight, so I’m really pleased with that but I’m still haunted by ghosts of the past a little.  There’s still a little fear there and I note that progress seems to really slow down as I move between acts, as if I need to think a little more carefully and spend a bit more time planning.  It’s possible that I need to schedule a week break between acts with future writing projects.

But with it has come the realisation of two things – the first that this novel is a lot longer than I at first thought.  Over the last year I’ve got much better at estimating my word count but it takes a half dozen chapters or so before I really get a feel for the novel’s pace and can really start to estimate.  I was aiming for around 120,000 words, it’s currently on target for 200,000 words.  If my experience with Black as Knight has told me anything it’s that it will drop to possibly 170,000.  Still a BIG book though!

As a result I’m not going to finish this draft by Easter.   To a degree that’s OK.  I started a month later than planned anyway.  I’ve set impossible deadlines for myself this year to see what I’m really capable of and build a much more realistic idea of the time I need to write a book.  Ideally I’d like to be able to comfortably do 2 books a year.  I want to get 4 novels done this year and I’m already working on my second, and that’s against a backdrop of a lot going on with work and leg and stuff.   And the problem hasn’t been a ‘lack of word count’ but ‘amount of book’.

March’s word count was double that of February but as I am away with work for nearly a month from Easter, I reckon April and May’s will be very poor.  Still, I planned to get no writing done at all whilst away so anything I manage will be a bonus.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the last month’s progress.  I’m really testing and fine tuning my processes this year with a lot of experimentation, trial and error.  It’s making the writing a lot of fun and I think I’m writing better books as a result.


Test Image

POSTED ON March 31st, 2014  - POSTED IN Travel

Testing new instant image post functionality for something I’ll be doing next month

One Year On

POSTED ON March 26th, 2014  - POSTED IN Geocaching, Health, Writing

So Leggedon celebrates its first anniversary this week and it’s a good time for me to look back and see all the things I’ve accomplished or experienced since

  • Written first draft of one book, and half way through a third draft on another
  • Lost over 100lb in weight
  • Solo cached 133 finds over 28 miles with a 6” hole in my leg
  • Changed my entire writing process from the ground up
  • Started sword fighting
  • Walked 37 miles to become one of first UK cachers to do over 200 caches on foot in a day (possible UK record)
  • Launched redesigned website
  • Nearly lost the leg twice
  • Started Running
  • Been a panelist as a ‘proper author’
  • Found over 400 caches in a single 75 mile weekend (possible UK record)
  • Grown a beard

Whilst I doubt that the next year will be quite as eventful I still have a lot of things planned / I want to accomplish in the year ahead.

The Process Stage 3: Serious Word Count

POSTED ON March 20th, 2014  - POSTED IN Writing

So last weekend I wrote 18,412 words on the novel.

I also found time to go for a run twice, watch TV, write a 800 word blog post (pushing words written for weekend over 19,000), edit another article and start playing World of Warcraft again…  amongst other things.

And you want to know the kicker?  I don’t think I was anywhere as productive as I could have been.

So I can here you all ask, just how is this even possible?

Well, here’s the secret.

Tornado Chasers

POSTED ON March 17th, 2014  - POSTED IN TV

My absolute favourite TV programme isn’t on television.  You can’t even buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray.  Instead it is bought and downloaded over the web.

Some of you may remember some years ago that there was a Discovery TV series called Storm Chasers.  This followed the exploits of three chase teams as they tracked storms and tried to intercept tornadoes.

There’s so little known about tornadoes.  Predicting them is still a black art and we don’t really know much about what goes on inside one.  And so these teams got close, dangerously close.  Two of them even had armoured vehicles that they actually drove into them to get readings and capture footage.

Now the big thing some people think is that the thrill of the chase is all about the destruction wrought by these beasts of nature.  It’s not.  In fact if anything can spoil a good tornado it’s it hitting a house or populated area.  Just as you might love sharks and want to see them in the wild it doesn’t mean you want to see them eat people.  In the same way, seeing a tornado is about seeing this Great White of the Plains away from populated areas.

But seeing as I’m in the UK, the closest I was going to come to seeing a decent one (we get a lot in the UK but they are fairly weak) was to watch Storm Chasers.  A lot safer too.

Ghosts of Past Drafts

POSTED ON March 12th, 2014  - POSTED IN Writing

Work is progressing with Thieving King but I’ve found it more difficult than I thought.

Part of this is because I’ve trod these chapters before.  Whilst the tone and the attitude of some of the characters has altered slightly in this revision, at this stage it’s still very subtle.  And so those chapters are haunted by ghosts of the past.

There’s a lot of fear here.  Thieving King was originally the second half of Four Realms and so it shares a lot of the same structure.  In the past few weeks I’ve realised just how complicated that structure is.  In some ways it’s no wonder the first book took as long as it took to write because from where I stand now this feels like an incredibly complicated novel.

And so somewhere in the back of my head is a worry that something will still fail as I move into the next act of this draft.  I hope not.  One of the things this draft does is remove some of the darker elements that constantly punched you in the gut for ones that are a little more finessed and hopefully whilst they don’t hit as hard, they kinda hurt more.

But I’ve yet to settle into this novel.  I’m very nervous about it on so many levels and it’s only as I now take it in subtly different directions to previous drafts that I find myself relaxing a bit more and enjoying the process.

Still I worry something will derail me, so there’s still this sense of blind panic of getting this draft done.

Even with real life getting in the way the last couple of weeks I’ve still made solid progress.  I should hit 20,000 words tonight.  That’s not bad considering everything and I’ve got a couple of big writing weekends coming up where I hope to really pile on the words.

Hopefully as I transition into act two of the novel it’ll get a little easier but it’s surprising how each novel you write throws up its own set of unique challenges.