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Fantasy-Faction Article On Ulysses 3

POSTED ON June 26th, 2015  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

With everything going on in the background I forgot to let everyone know about my last Fantasy-Faction article in which I take a look at the writing software Ulysses 3.  Available for Mac and iPad it’s a great alternative to Scrivener.  Be sure to check out my article!

A Quick Update

POSTED ON June 13th, 2015  - POSTED IN Publishing, Writing

So I’m aware I’ve been incredibly quiet since coming back from storm chasing.  We’re nearly half way through the month and I’ve not posted an update in nearly two weeks.

Whilst it’s true to say I haven’t done a lot of writing, I have been really busy.  There’s been some huge things going on in the background over the last month that you’ll all hear about in good time.  And I do mean truly huge!  I can hardly contain my excitement.

It’s meant that I’ve had to completely re-jig my schedule and prioritise some other work.  But that’s fine, my approach to the Year of Hard Work was always that if something came along I could rejig and reprioritise without everything falling apart.  Looks like that’s now going to be put to the test!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks dealing with the business side of writing and I’m sure I’ll have a blog post or two on that when the time is appropriate.  I’ve also been doing a LOT of outlining as well (Project Ultron).  And remembering something I read in a Neil Gaiman interview I read once… I’m taking a bit of time to enjoy the journey.

But it’s now time to knuckle back down and return to the word mines.  However, far from being a grim prospect I’m actually eager to jump back in and get to work.  The first six months of this year have been hard work, it looks like the next six months are going to be even harder.

Bring it on!

The Year Of Hard Work – May Report

POSTED ON June 1st, 2015  - POSTED IN Process, Writing

I feel like I’ve been very lax lately.  Just writing this blog post feels like a lot of work.  I worked hard until Easter and then found myself treading water until I went Storm Chasing in May.  Of course, this meant that May has effectively been my month off – I can count the number of words I’ve written over the last month in the low thousands.

Truth is, a break from the word count was healthy, and just because I wasn’t writing a lot of new words didn’t mean I wasn’t working.  There’s been a lot of the business side to writing going on in the background.  One of the things I hope my processes allow is for me to adapt quickly if something comes along.  This is going to be put to the test in the coming month as a previously unexpected piece of urgent work has come up (I’m calling it Project Ultron because I found out about it as I was leaving the cinema after seeing the latest Avengers movie) and it means I need to shift things around.  It’s a spanner in the works, but a really good spanner and I’m excited to see how well my processes can adapt to these sorts of things.  As an added bonus, it should mean a lot of work count!

Fantasy-Faction Article On Writing Journal App

POSTED ON May 29th, 2015  - POSTED IN Writing

Catching up on things that happened whilst I was away, I see my article on the Writing Journal App was published by Fantasy-Faction whilst I was away.

I swear by this software and credit it for helping me get so much work done, so be sure to check out the article!

Storm Chase 2015

POSTED ON May 28th, 2015  - POSTED IN Travel, Weather

I’ll be honest… I was a little worried going into this year’s storm chase.  Last year it was an item on my bucket list, a reward for suffering a shitty year before.  I had an amazing time, lived through experiences that made me feel more alive than I’d ever felt in my life, and vowed to go back.

Problem is, as we all know, sequels aren’t always as good.  I knew a lot of the people I’d chased with in 2014 would not be returning this year,  and I worried about the group dynamic.  I worried that it wouldn’t be as good.

To be fair, the guides we’d got lined up ranked as some of the world’s best so I wasn’t afraid of us finding storms, and I wasn’t disappointed.