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  • 30Aug

    About To Go To.A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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  • 28Aug

    Why A Writing Career Is Like Playing An MMO

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    http://fantasy-faction.com/2015/killing-ten-rats-why-a-writing-career-is-like-playing-an-mmo In case you missed it, I did a [...]  Read More →
  • 20Aug

    Five Ideas For Missions For Your Trackables

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    http://gpstracklog.com/2015/08/five-ideas-for-missions-for-your-trackables.html I’ve not had a lot of time to get out [...]  Read More →
  • 18Aug


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    I don’t tend to blog a lot about my sword fighting.  The main reason is that one of my instructors is a writer and often goes [...]  Read More →
  • 16Aug

    So What’s The Fuss About Scribbleton?

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    http://fantasy-faction.com/2015/so-whats-the-fuss-about-scribbleton In all the excitement of getting an agent and immersing [...]  Read More →
  • 11Aug

    The Year Of Hard Work – July Report

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    Things have been pretty quiet on the blog in the last month but that’s not because I’ve not been working hard, but because [...]  Read More →