Saturday 20th January 2018

It’s funny how plans come about.
For the last week I’ve been considering some new fitness goals for 2018.  In 2015 I felt my fitness was far behind everyone else I swordfight with.  I was slow, both in movement and in reaction.   2016 it was about taking my fitness to a level that was more equal.  I hit the gym, worked hard on strength by training weights and swapping fat for muscle.  In 2017, it was about taking that a stage further, being faster and stronger than others.
But like all goals, if they stay too long they get stale.  I saw my weight slowly creep back up as I carb loaded for tournaments, and then lacked sufficient motivation to bring it back down again.  Part of that was because the physical and mental recovery from tournament was longer than the gaps between them.  But it was also because  I’d proved my fitness goals.  I set out and achieved what I’d planned to do.  And even putting some weight back on, it was weight over muscle.
And so over the last week I’ve been considering taking my fitness to the next level.  I need impossible goals to motivate me, that desire to show I can do the impossible burning deep within me.
Having lost so much weight over the years, lose skin is a concern.  I don’t have it too bad but I do find weight tends to pool around my middle.  Even at my lowest weight,  I looked great until you got to the belly button where I looked like a melted human ice cream.
So I know, dropping my body fat to the point where I should show abs might not result in me having abs.  And yes it is vain, but I have body confidence issues with my various skin conditions.
So my fitness plan for 2018 is to focus on body image and not on strength.  They go hand in hand to some degree.  As you build strength, if you’re eating correctly, it’s hard not to improve how you look.  But there are times I have not cut calories so I had the energy to swordfight in competitions, or so I could recover.
This is the year of priorities and this year I am going to prioritise body image over fighting strength.  It’s not like I won’t see improvement over the year.  I just might not be at peak performance come competition.  But I’m willing to do that, at least for 6 months.
What forced my hand is that my friend got a fitbit for his birthday and is super-focused on the gym.  To be fair, save for a recent illness, he’s been pretty consistent about going since he started last year.  But now, as the saying goes… it’s on.
And so, I know we’ll be pretty good at motivating each other and driving each other forwards.
I ended up finding out my old fitbit and charging it up, because there’s no way I’m gonna allow him to do better than me.  I think he’s going to put up a spirited defence though.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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