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Catching Up – A Mega Update

Hi there,


Adrian here.


I realise that after such a busy year on the blog last year, I’ve been very quiet this year. Some have

asked me whether things are OK, and what’s happening with the Anarchy Books thing so I’ve tried to

round everything up.


The tl;dr is that everything is fine. Everything is more than fine, in fact. We’re just in the calm

before the storm (quite literally in one respect)


But for the longer version… a bit of a mega-update


The Year Of Staying Hungry

2015 was a whirlwind year. In many ways it sent me for a bit of a flip and whilst I powered through, I

ended the year still a bit shellshocked. The first lot of rewrites for Black as Knight came back, and

were all incredibly positive but progress on the second rewrites has been a bit slower because I kept

doubting myself. On one hand, I want to push harder than I ever have before but on the other hand

I kept worrying and second-guessing myself.


As a result I took a bit of time to address all those minor little issues that were the source of my




As you can imagine, swordfighting twice a week or doing twenty plus mile long geocaching walks

means that my health wasn’t too bad. I mean, as far as fantasy authors go, I’d probably rank in the

top 10%. But Leggedon left me with a number of complications – nothing major, stuff that could be

maintained – but complications none-the- less.


Couple that with the unease I’ve been feeling, I decided to give myself an overhaul both mentally

and physically – not because it was a problem, but I felt it could be years down the line unless I

nipped it in the bud. I’ve seen too many of my author friends suffer physical and mental illness from

long hours at the keyboard and I’m determined not to join them.




I started with a nutritionist to deal with the problems with diet that the tablets for Leggedeon

caused me. I found out that I’d been vastly undereating and got put on a new strict diet (which

after what I’ve been eating the last 3 years is, by comparison, a lot less strict)


I’ve also been hitting the gym in addition to my regular sword fighting training and already seen

massive amounts of progress.


Mentally, I just gave myself time to take stock of the last year, take things in and think a few things

through. I have a much better idea of my aims and focus going forward and feel so much better for

it. I would liken it to the difference between waking up after 4 hours sleep versus getting a really

solid night’s sleep.



Whilst the rewrites were slow at the beginning of the year, things have picked up and I think they

should progress rapidly once I get back from the US.


To aid me, I’ve been doing a few short stories. I’ve always found short stories a little hard so they’re

always a challenge. But I’ve been able to use them to really push myself without the weight of

consequence that a novel has. They’ve allowed me to feel a little more at ease with my writing and

help solidify my focus.


Sword Fighting

The nutrition and gym work have seen massive improvements to my health which have in turn aided

my swordfighting. I run at over twice the speed I ran a few months ago, and whereas I was always

the one huffing and puffing at the back during the warm up, now I’m lapping everyone. It’s carrying

through to my fighting, where my fellow students have seen massive growth in recent weeks,

I recently competed in my first international tournament and finished in a very respectable position

in my pool which also contained the person who went on to win the entire event. I have a few more

tournaments this year with the view of possibly going to the world championships in Sweden later in

the year.


And I’ve also started to help instruct students. This is both fun and a little nerve-wracking, as it really

helps shine a light on gaps of your knowledge.


The Four Realms

As you may be aware, but Andy Remic has decided to close Anarchy Books down. As a result, The

Four Realms is now out of print. Seeing as I have a solid draft of book 2 sitting on my hard drive and

book 3 already plotted out right down to chapter plans, I’m sure we’ll see it re-emerge sometime in

the future. But it may be some time. What happens will depend very much on what happens with

Black as Knight.


Andy and I had talked about me taking the rights back last year so whilst it is a shame to see another

small press close down, I have no ill-will to Andy and it could now make it easier contractually to sell

Black As Knight.


2016 Storm Chasing Tour

I’ll be back out in the Mid-West later this week chasing tornadoes. So expect to see my social media

feeds filled with Instagram posts. This will be my third year of duty and I am so looking forward to

seeing the old gang again. It’s always a crazy time chasing storms and I look forward to it every year.


The Plan Forward

The primary focus going forward is (as it has been) the rewrites. The writing always comes first… but

whilst it might not have always felt it at the time, I am really feeling like everything that is there to

support the writing is coming together nicely. I’ve spent the first part of the year sowing long term

seeds of which I’ll reap the benefits for years to come.


Life is busy, hectic and occasionally stressful but I’m feeling much more centred than I have for the

past 12 months. It really does feel like everything is coming together in perhaps a way I didn’t feel

was there last year. As a result I feel happier, hungrier and even more focused.

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