Epic Journal – 17th April 2014

//Epic Journal – 17th April 2014

Epic Journal – 17th April 2014

17th April 2014

I’ve done it!

I’ve actually fucking done it!

I have planned and implemented this trip without a single person (aside from work colleagues who I told from the start for obvious reasons) finding out.  Six months planning.  Six months, and nothing’s slipped out.  I kept this hidden from you all.

I so want to drop hints, say something but I have to realise I still have a week of teasers to go.  I still have an announcement video to complete.

My caching partner, Westie, told me he was going to increase his lead on my number of finds by a further 600.  I wanted to say “good luck with that, I was planning to close the gap by more than that!”  But I was quiet, I remind myself this is Xmas eve, not xmas day.  I only have to be quiet for a little while longer.

Now, I really must pack!

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