26th March 2014
Today was an expensive day.  There’s a load of kit I need to take to the US with me, mainly items for my GoPro and Cannon.  I want a range of straps for the GoPro and I’m increasingly thinking of using the Cannon for some video.
I’ve decided that I’m taking the Macbook with me to the US and one of the concerns I’ve had is storage.  If I take hours of video, the Macbook won’t have the storage to keep it all.  So I bought a 2Tb portable drive.
I also got a decent 64gb memory card for the GoPro as I use a lesser rated one and I think that’s why the GoPro occasionally stops recording of its own accord.
All told, it set me back over £200.  Gurgh!  And this comes as I pay my credit card and see how much the chasing and flight has put on it.  Even paying off £1500 of it still left me feeling a bit stressed about money.  Still this was always going to be an expensive trip and why I decided to do it this year whilst I had the funds.