So it turns out that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman in the new Zack Snyder Batman / Superman movie.  And as a result the internet has let out a collective WHAT?!  But personally I’ve been proven wrong about casting before and as a result had a little think about this.  And you know what?  I think he could surprise us all and deliver something outstanding.

Let me explain my reasoning, but in order to do that we need to back up a little, back to the time that The Dark Knight was in pre-production.  I was incensed when I heard Heath Ledger was going to play The Joker.  I mean… REALLY… INCENSED.  One of the greatest supervillians of all times needed a great actor.  Nicholson’s take in the original Batman was possibly a bit too light for my own personal taste, but he was an inspired choice,  He could do the manic, he could do the comic, he was a great bit of casting.
But Heath Ledger?  I don’t often get internet rage but I was filled with it.  Dark Knight was going to be shit and it was because of Heath Ledger.  It wasn’t because I thought him a bad actor, he was just totally wrong.  I’d seen nothing to suggest he could do the madness of The Joker.
It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I wasn’t a big fan of Batman Begins.  It was a good Batman movie but it just felt held back, subdued and my friends going nuts over it didn’t help.  It was overhyped for me and as a result, as a much as I found the take on things like The Batmobile original, it was very ‘meh!’ for me.  I find this strange as I’ve watched it again several times in the last month for research and there are things in that movie I now love.  The movie has really grown on me in recent years, especially since Dark Knight Returns.
But when the first grainy pictures of Heath Ledger’s Joker appeared on the internet as part of some reveal, I was ready to give up on Nolan.  As far as I was concerned, he’d taken an iconic character and ruined it.  Screw him and his bat-franchise.
But then I saw the movie.
To this day, Dark Knight remains my favourite superhero movie of all time (Yes, even moreso than Avengers which is a very close second. Yes, even with Dark Knight’s poor portrayal of women).  Ledger’s Joker was simply amazing.  I’ve watched that movie a load of times and still I cannot see Ledger under that makeup.  It’s an incredible performance.  He makes the Joker maniacal and threatening in a way that’s original yet still the perfect contrast to Bale’s Batman.
On the other hand I WAS excited about Robert Downey Jr being cast as Tony Stark.  Here was an actor who at the time of casting had been pretty much been written off after scandal.  But if you know about Tony Stark and his various personal demons, you can see a lot of this mirrored in Robert Downey Jr.  Many were as upset about his casting as I was about Ledger but I thought that the combination of having something to prove to the world as well as similar histories meant that we were in for a treat.  And yes we were.  Robert Downey Jr was brilliant, the perfect Tony Stark.
So when it comes to Affleck, I’m very open minded.  I didn’t mind Daredevil but heard a rumour a few months back that Affleck was a massive fan of the character and trying to get a reboot off the ground, with or without him.  I also heard he was pushing to direct a Justice League Dark movie,  OK so an actor that loves the character isn’t always enough.   As much as you guys might hate the Ghost Rider movies and think they are made without passion, keep in mind that Nic Cage is a huge fan of the character and one of the driving forces behind those movies.
Affleck also isn’t a bad actor.  He seems to constantly be written off because of his boyish looks; he doesn’t tend to get taken seriously by the industry or film-goers.  He’s a better actor than he gets credit for.
So I think he has a point to prove and I think he knows that this isn’t a kids role but a serious one.  He knows the internet will be up in arms and I’m hoping that this will make him pull it out the bag.  We could be shocked by his portrayal of Batman (I’ll be honest, I can see him as Bruce Wayne, not so sure about him as Batman).  Let’s wait and see.