For the last couple of days I’ve been wondering whether I still have the time to raid in World of Warcraft and write as well.  I’m behind schedule, I have a mountain of work to do and I’m starting to question whether the extra time gained by giving up my Tuesday and Thursday evenings would resolve my problems.  Probably not.

Some of this stems from the fact that as a  casual raiding guild we’ve not really had an easy time of it in the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  We seemed to do quite well in Cataclysm.  We’re far from optimal but we develop our own strategies that work to our strengths.  It’s lead to some interesting tactics, including the one for Warmaster Blackhorn whereby someone shouted “Jabba the Hut” when the sapper arrived.  You may laugh butit worked and  it’s been those sorts of strategies that allowed us to accidentally kill Morchock with 9 members in the first week.
But Pandaria has been tough on casual guilds.  We’ve really struggled with the tiers and whereas our slow progression on Dragon Soul was fun, it’s felt like we’re treading water with this expansion.  We’ve lost some players and recently had some attendance issues.  Couple this with the daily grind in Mists of Pandaria,  and,whilst I’ve liked this expansion, I’ve frequently found myself burned out and feeling gated.
I’ve been trying out a few other MMOs by way of a break.  Guild Wars 2 seems like fun but I’ve missed old raid nights.
So last night, after a couple of weeks break, we reconvened.  I have to be honest and say I didn’t think I would have fun.  We’ve wiped on Horridon so many times it’s not even funny.  And whilst we’ve made progress I think we’ve only made it to the final door once or twice.  I don’t think it helps being such an early boss in the tier.  It’s meant thatthere’s been such little chance for gear dropping that we’ve felt in a catch 22 situation – we need to do this tier to get the gear, we need the gear to do this tier.
But it seems he’s been nerfed again, or some members of the team have upgraded their gear, or possibly a bit of both because last night we finally got him down.
Ding Dong, the fucking Dino’s dead.
I’m relieved because I think if we’d had another evening of wipe after wipe with no sign of progress I’d start to question whether I was having fun (after all I’ve not missed WoW these past couple of weeks).    But now we can get two bosses down in the tier, the chances for upgrades literally doubled.  As a result, I’m actually looking forward to spending weeks wiping on the next boss.