Epub Version of Four Realms Now Available

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robotIf you use an ereader other than a Kindle I’m glad to announce that the Epub version of the novel is now available to purchase from The Robot Trading Company. This version will be compatible for those of you with iBooks software on your iPads, as well as Sony Readers and pretty much every other e-reader on the market.

As the official online store for Angry Robot books stocking not only all their books but those of many respected small publishers (including Anarchy Books), you can be sure you are buying from a reputable store. Even better the books are DRM free, so if you change your ebook reader, you can take your copy of the novel with you. And if you’ve only bought from place like the iBook or Sony store and are worried how you get the book onto your device they have detailed descriptions guiding you through the very simple process.

So you have no excuse now, not to pick it up! And also be sure to check out some of the other novels in the store. Whatever your particular taste of genre, they have some GREAT books available. And I’m not just talking about mine ;-)

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