New Year’s Resolution

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bookcaseI only made a couple of resolutions this year. This first, in a humorous reference to all those years I said that forthcoming 12 months would see The Four Realms complete, is that I will get The Thieving King done this year.

The second was to do with my reading.

As someone looking to get published, you take advice very seriously. You hang on every word and you act on it. If you’ve been to any convention and been to their “how to get published” panel someone will inevitably tell you that you need to read and read widely.

I’m not a fast reader. I felt a bit bad for that, spending a long time thinking that there was something wrong with me for not being able to inhale novels. I also, in keeping with the advice given out on panels, wanted to read widely, and whilst I didn’t restrict myself to fantasy, I found myself picking up nearly every fantasy debut as a way to know what was selling. In between those I’d find myself picking up the first book of series I’d not read.

Trouble was that as a slow reader, I rarely got time to go back and read second books. And in doing so, reading lost some of its joy. Instead, it felt like work at times.

So for 2013 I’m going to read what I want to read. I’m taking the year off reading for work to read purely for pleasure.

The strange thing is that many of the books on my hit list for this year are within the genres I work. I’ve got a lot of Butcher, a few Abercrombies and maybe even some Erikson as well. However, I’m not going to feel bad about reading several Harry Dresden’s back to back.

Which is exactly what I’m going to get back to!

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