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Guest Post: All About Maureen

POSTED ON January 20th, 2013  - POSTED IN Publishing, Writing

It’s very clear that one of the things readers are in unison about is the character, Maureen Summerglass. An 82 year old lady seems an unlikely choice for a heroine, but it appears to be one that has worked with readers and for that I’m really glad.

I did a guest post for A Fantastic Librarian where I talk a lot about the origin of Maureen and how she became one of the novel’s lead protagonists. If you’ve enjoyed her in the book, I think you might find her origin interesting.

A Fantastic Librarian Gives Another Fantastic Review

POSTED ON January 19th, 2013  - POSTED IN Reviews

The Four Realms got another great review yesterday from the blog, A Fantastic Librarian. I’m spoilt like a kid in a sweet shop trying to choose between all the great quotes so let’s just highlight the one that says ” If you’re looking for a fun, diverting read, The Four Realms is just the ticket.” and point you in the direction of the review for you to read all the other ones.

WarpcoreSF Reviews The Four Realms

POSTED ON January 18th, 2013  - POSTED IN Publishing, Reviews

warpcoresfI’ve been loving the reviews The Four Realms has been getting. Even the ones that have had criticisms have been thoughtful and honest. I keep worrying that inevitably there will be one I don’t love, that will hit some previous unknown painful truth. WarpcoreSF have published their review and have said some very nice things such as “Maureen Summerglass is my favourite old lady character since Granny Weatherwax” and “a thoroughly enjoyable mystery that mashes up modern urban fantasy with [Minor Spoiler] and a more traditional fantasy world that’s in a state of gradual modernisation”.

The review does give away a minor spoiler but I know just how hard it is to talk about the book without mentioning it. I also don’t think the minor spoiler ruins the read so much as gives you an idea of the scope of the over-arcing story I want to tell across four books.

Check out Ros’s excellent review here

Interview At The Qwillery

POSTED ON January 17th, 2013  - POSTED IN Interviews

qwillI recently had chance to chat to the good folks over at The Qwillery where I talked about The Four Realms and the work that went into creating the novel. I reveal which characters are the easiest and hardest to write as well as my favourite scene from the novel as well as a bunch of other stuff.

Please be sure to check it out:

New Review At All Things Urban Fantasy

POSTED ON January 16th, 2013  - POSTED IN Reviews, Writing

atufIt’s a busy week and another blogger has published their review of The Four Realms. Whilst the reviewer over at All Things Urban Fantasy had some issues with the way the story alternates between characters every chapter, they said some mighty nice things. “This book manages to marry these conflicting flavors of classic and urban fantasy without missing a beat” and “I would highly recommend THE FOUR REALMS to anyone who wants a twist on the usual sword and sorcery” amongst others.

Be sure to check it out here

Head Space Podcast Episode 4

POSTED ON January 14th, 2013  - POSTED IN Interviews, Writing

headspaceLast week, Stephen Aryan interviewed me for his Head Space podcast, where he talks to various authors about their writing process. It’s a really interesting listen and I hope the quality of interviewee hasn’t taken a sudden nosedive with the inclusion of me. I’m told I made sense, but I’m still not entirely sure. Be sure to check it out (and if I sound awful, try the archives) at or via iTunes.

The Four Realms 5 Chapter Sampler

POSTED ON January 13th, 2013  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

anarchyStill wondering whether The Four Realms is worth 99p of your money? Well Anarchy Books has a FIVE chapter PDF up on their website for you to download FOR FREE. A number of people have said lovely things about the book so far (and none of them have come to me asking for money in return!) so see what you are missing out on! Just click the Four Realms book cover on the Anarcy Books website to be taken to the book’s page and PDF download link

Epub Version of Four Realms Now Available

POSTED ON January 11th, 2013  - POSTED IN Writing

robotIf you use an ereader other than a Kindle I’m glad to announce that the Epub version of the novel is now available to purchase from The Robot Trading Company. This version will be compatible for those of you with iBooks software on your iPads, as well as Sony Readers and pretty much every other e-reader on the market.

As the official online store for Angry Robot books stocking not only all their books but those of many respected small publishers (including Anarchy Books), you can be sure you are buying from a reputable store. Even better the books are DRM free, so if you change your ebook reader, you can take your copy of the novel with you. And if you’ve only bought from place like the iBook or Sony store and are worried how you get the book onto your device they have detailed descriptions guiding you through the very simple process.

So you have no excuse now, not to pick it up! And also be sure to check out some of the other novels in the store. Whatever your particular taste of genre, they have some GREAT books available. And I’m not just talking about mine 😉

A Small Favour

POSTED ON January 9th, 2013  - POSTED IN Publishing

reviewstnIt seems a lot of you are now getting to the end of the book if the messages I’m receiving are anything to go by, and by the sounds of it you are loving the book. Thank you for all the kind words, they are the secret best thing about being an author!

As a debut author from a small press, getting word out is hard. I don’t have a publicist and my morals stop me from ever sockpuppeting. I’m working like buggery trying to promote the book and help it find its readers but something that will help immensely is if those of you who’ve read it add an honest review to either Amazon or Goodreads. This will help other readers make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not. It doesn’t need to be more than a couple of lines but will help more than you could ever imagine. Thanks once again!