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2012 Review

Traditionally amongst my friends, we get to the end of the year and say “well that was a shit year.” Except, for me at least, 2012 wasn’t. It was a good year, a great year even, especially given the year before. Even when you ignore the fact that 2011 was Shytus Maximus, 2012 will go [...]

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Britain’s Most Remote Village

Anyone who has read the novel will know that I’m very interested in hidden parts of Wiltshire. The vampire D’Toeni is found in a tunnel system based loosely on the Burlington Nuclear Bunker, located over near Corsham. In that case, I’ve never been able to visit the location, basing my research on photos and articles. [...]

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Author’s Choice of 2012

Ever wondered what books authors were looking forward to? Or what books they read this year that they got excited and geeky about? Well, Fantastical Imaginations asked a bunch of them just that and collated their answers into a couple of blog posts. Part 1 has gone live, and hiding amongst the list of authors [...]

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Interview At Civilian Reader

So Stefan over at Civilian Reader kindly took the time to interview me about the book. Hopefully I gave some sensible answers that made for an interesting read. Be sure to check it out if you want to find out some details on The Thieving King, you want to hear the Eva Mendez story (surely [...]

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Seasonal Novel Extract At Manga Maniac Cafe

What better way to celebrate Xmas than a seasonal extract from the novel. And the fine folks over at Manga Maniac Cafe have got you covered with an exclusive extract. In it, you'll get introduced to the mysterious Mr West in a very snowy New York City. Be sure to check it out, especially if [...]

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The Four Realms Book Trailer

One little known fact about The Four Realms book cover by Matt Cauley was that it was actually constructed as several different layers to allow for the animation seen in this video. Darren Byers is responsible for this excellent book trailer. Feel free to repost, retweet, and embed to your hearts content!

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New Geocaching Article At GPSTrackLog

In between all the book promotion I've also been continuing to do my columns and my latest one is now out. Over at GPSTracklog my latest Geocaching column has gone live with a look at Field notes. It's surprising just how many cachers don't know about them so I go over the basics and the [...]

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The First Review At The Eloquent Page

Everything seems to be going at a hundred miles an hour at the moment. One minute I'm waiting for the book to come out, the next it's out, people are reading it, I've been interviewed and now reviewed. I don't think any of it has really sunk in yet and I'm like a listless over-excited [...]

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