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Operation Derpathon

When I used to work as an IT contractor, you never got paid if you took a day off. As a result, even years later, I still need to be reminded that I get holiday with my day job, and reminded even more that I need to take it. So when I saw that the [...]

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Quick Update

I’ve been quiet. That usually means I’ve been busy; busy with things I can’t really talk about for fear that the sheer awesomeness of them might rip open a hole in the fabric of space and swallow the entire planet. Or something like that. Mostly, it’s because it’s hard to write something meaningful when everything [...]

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Why Tom Baker Is The Best Doctor

I’ll readily admit that my Doctor Who fandom only stretches back to Ecclestone. Actually, that’s not strictly true. As a child I have fleeting recollections of hiding behind the sofa when Tom Baker’s Doctor was on the television. I remember him falling from a pylon or something similar and regenerating into Peter Davidson. I never [...]

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New GPSTracklog Article Live

My latest article for GPSTracklog, 'Getting accurate coordinates for your geocache hides' is now live over on their site. Be sure to check it out and join what is likely to be a big discussion on getting your GPS co-ordinates as accurate as possible.

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Seven Wonders Book Launch

The boss on my day job is absolutely brilliant. Not only does he understand that happy employees mean productive, dedicated employees, but he is really supportive on what little of a writing career I have. As a result, on Thursday, he said he would stay and deal with a vendor so I could get away [...]

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Jamie Hewlett On Art

My friend Matt posted this amazing video interview with Jamie Hewlett (of Tank Girl and Gorillaz fame) discussing his art. Whilst it's a short but fascinating insight into the mind of an artist I think there's a lot writers can identify with what is said as well

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GeoGearHeads Video Interview

The video from my live video interview with the guys from GeoGearHeads is now live. In it we follow up on my GPSTracklog article on GSAK and go into a little more depth about why this software is brilliant for Geocaching. I don't think I do too bad considering it's gone 2am in the morning.

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New ‘Official’ Facebook Page

So I now have an official Facebook 'fan' page at These types of things always feel a little socially awkward as you sit there worrying that no-one will 'like' the page and you will be the social media equivalent of Nobby No-mates. I'm readying for lots of exciting news in the months to come [...]

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I’d like to think I am good with deadlines. I’m not perfect, not by a long mile, as I have had a habit, stretching back to my school homework, of leaving things to the last minute. But given the last minute inevitable panic, I generally get things in on time. Even when I need an [...]

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Strange Chemistry Imprint Launch

Last week, I managed to call in some favours to knock off the day job early in order to head up t the British Library to attend the Strange Chemistry imprint launch. Those who’ve ever read my writing might question why I would go to the launch of an imprint specialising in YA fiction. The [...]

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