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GeoGearHeads Interview Heads Up

POSTED ON August 30th, 2012  - POSTED IN Geocaching, Interviews

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be appearing on the GeoGearHeads Google Hangout tonight at 9pm EDT (2am Friday UK time) to talk about Geocaching and specifically using GSAK.

I’m likely to be either falling asleep due to the time or wired from too much caffine, but either way it should be a good show. You can check out previous shows (or catch this one at a later date if you can’t catch it live) at the Cache-A-Manics Network. Hope to see some of you there!


POSTED ON August 28th, 2012  - POSTED IN Writing

I’ve not talked about Project Octopus before but it’s something you’re going to hear a lot about in the coming months. It became a thing a few weeks ago and as a result there was a discussion as to when it should launch. Lots of different factors went into making the decision and it ended up that October was decided, 10 weeks away.

For it to happen, just like any project, other things needed to happen first (including announcing it) and fitting those into 10 weeks was tight, damn tight. In one of those ‘fight or flight’ moments, I’m pleased that I went into fight mode, determined to get everything done and not cut personal corners.

On The Dilemma Of Sekrit Projects

POSTED ON August 25th, 2012  - POSTED IN Writing

Somebody asked me the other day whether I was still “doing the writing” the other day. “You don’t seem to talk about it so much on your blog anymore.”

Whilst it’s true that I’m not updating the blog as regularly as I did, the reason isn’t inactivity. If anything, it’s the opposite. So then why am I not talking about writing so much?

2152 Unplanned Words Later

POSTED ON August 22nd, 2012  - POSTED IN Writing

Don’t let anyone tell you that writing isn’t hard. There are times when words come like treacle when just the mere act of taking what is in your head and conveying it on the page is tantamount to trying to row upstream. You know what you want to write and it… isn’t… this!

And then there are days – rare days – like today that whilst the words aren’t perfect they flow like a violent river; where you are unable to keep up, every little typo in danger of breaking the spell as words and ideas gush onto the page.

And best of all, whereas most days the act of writing is a painful one – something that must be tolerated and endured – today it is enjoyed. Tomorrow, you’ll look at it again and see all the flaws, see all the work that needs to be done, return to self-loathing; but tonight? Tonight, you ride the rapids, whooping at every thrill, and feeling very much alive.

Fantasy Faction’s High Fantasy Evening

POSTED ON August 18th, 2012  - POSTED IN Events

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot less lately. This isn’t intentional. I’ve just had the most crazy couple of weeks and blog updates got sacrificed to the gods of time. I promise to blog more next week as I have a lot of big posts lined up.

But as crazy as my week was, I did manage to get away to go up to London for the High Fantasy Event organised by Fantasy Faction, featuring three great fantasy authors.

Weekend Writing

POSTED ON August 14th, 2012  - POSTED IN Writing

My day job comes with a 24/7 ‘on call’ element. We rarely get call outs, but it’s about being available if one of the IT systems does go wrong. I don’t mind. It’s extra money and I tend to use those weekends that I am ‘primary on call’ as an excuse to get a lot of writing done.

Last weekend was no exception and, frankly, I was glad. Whilst not a backlog, I did have a pile of writing that needed to get done.

The Wonderful World Of Munzees

POSTED ON August 8th, 2012  - POSTED IN Featured, Geocaching, Writing

My latest article for GPSTracklog has gone live.

I take a look at the geo-location smartphone game, Munzee, and how you play the game. If you’ve not heard much about it, I explain it all for you. I even went and did a ‘photoshoot’ for this one!

You can check it out HERE

Quick Writing Update

POSTED ON August 7th, 2012  - POSTED IN Writing

I realise that I’ve been quiet on blogging about my writing recently. That’s not because nothing is happening (quite the opposite in fact), it’s just that there’s very little I can report.

My second article for GPSTracklog should be online very soon. I got to do a “photoshoot” for this one which was a bit of fun.

Project Llama continues. I’m advised that things might get announced in the next month or so. There’s so much I would like to say about this project but I’m under NDA. Things will get revealed when the time is right but for now I’m having a real blast with this and it’s taking up the majority of my writing time.

I’ve also got a genre-related article for one of the big websites I’ll be putting together this week. If I’m being honest, this has proved a little more complex than I originally thought but I really reckon this will be worth the effort.

As for personal fiction projects, well Project Llama is taking up most of my time at the moment, but behind the scenes there’s writing going on along with a lot of thinking that’s not yet advanced enough to convey.

So I’m busy, busy, busy even though there is little to show for it right now.

The Podcache Show Interview

POSTED ON August 2nd, 2012  - POSTED IN Geocaching, Interviews

Just to let everyone know that an interview that The Podcache Show did with me back at the Geolympix about my 10,000th find has now gone live as part of their 11th episode.

You can check it out HERE. My interview is about 20 minutes in.