First, apologies if anybody is waiting on anything from me (I don’t think there is). I believe everyone I’m working with knows this week is a bust for me, work wise. And if I haven’t told you, I’ve be planning for this for months, and have figured it into any deadlines due next week.
This week sees me find my 10,000th cache, which if anyone knows me and my geocaching, is a HUGE deal. The plans are also huge as well.

I’m currently standing at around 9965 caches with the Geolympix event in Oxford on Sunday targeted as my 10,000. But rather than just have an event or special cache as my milestone, I’ve added in additional layer of complexity to make this one memorable weekend.
On Saturday morning I will driving up as part of a group to the Piratemania Mega Event in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The plan is to try and get a cache in every county on the way up (although this is proving harder to plan than I thought). We will spend the day there, before getting up VERY early to attend a 4:45am (yes AM) Flashmob. We have to leave pretty pronto as we need to head to Banbury for the 8am meetup and the start of our 11 hour – 11 icon challenge whereby we attempt to get one of 11 different cache types within the time period. Amongst those is our second Mega event within 24 hours, the Geolympix, and my 10,000th.
This is only the second time there have been two mega events (Geocaching events attended by over 500 people) in the UK in a year and the first time they have ever been on consecutive days, so this is a first. In the meantime I have spreadsheets working out how many caches I need to do in order for the Geolympix to be my 10,000th.
I’m a little behind schedule, mainly due to my back issues slowing me down, but a caching expedition to the other side of Basingstoke tonight should set me straight.
As you can see, it’s a busy, busy week for me as I have 101 things to get ready for this truly EPIC weekend. Oh, and if you are going to be at any of the numerous events I’ll be attending be sure to discover this specially made trackable my father constructed that I will be taking with me.