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The Olympics Opening Ceremony

On Saturday an entire nation woke with a cultural hangover. Even those who’d entered into Friday evening full of cynicism, woke up asking themselves, “did that really happen?” and “It was rather good, wasn’t it?” I’ve never been anti-olympics, but I can understand why some are. I have, however, been against elements of the event [...]

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The 10,000th Cache

I am so glad that I blocked out the whole of last week. With hindsight I should have blocked out this week as well. So last weekend saw my 10,000th cache find. As a rule, I don’t do milestones. I originally planned one for my 500th find and had everything lined up for it to [...]

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The Final Countdown

First, apologies if anybody is waiting on anything from me (I don’t think there is). I believe everyone I’m working with knows this week is a bust for me, work wise. And if I haven’t told you, I’ve be planning for this for months, and have figured it into any deadlines due next week. This [...]

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Seeing The Olympic Torch Relay

I read something recently that argued that it is harder to write hope than it is to write cynicism. I think that’s probably true. Likewise, I think that it’s easier to be cynical than to be hopeful. Showing hope somehow exposes us, lays bare our dreams and aspirations, amkes us vulnerable. This is why I [...]

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Herp Derp

Not too brilliant a weekend. First I ended up house sitting whilst the electricians came to do some work. I had no electricity so was unable to do any writing (coz it’s all on computers these days, init?) but at least I read most of Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch. I have to say I’m [...]

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The GI Joe Re-read

If I had to list my heroes you’d probably not know one of them. Everyone has heard of George Lucas, Clive Barker and JRR Tolkien but not so many have heard of Larry Hama,. For me he’s up there with those icons. Larry Hama was the writer of a toy tie-in comic called GI Joe, [...]

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Writing Advice From Neil Gaiman

I can't remember who linked me to this last week, but here's a wonderful video of Neil Gaiman talking to the Nerdist Podcast about the process of writing. Some wonderful advice here in these 5 minutes that, if you're wanting to write a novel, will worth your time. If you're struggling with your writing or [...]

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Bringing Geocaching To GPS Tracklog

So now it can be revealed. I’m happy on several levels to be able to announce that I am going to be writing for GPS Tracklog on geocaching. I’m sure many of my geocaching friends will have come across the website before, but for those who haven’t (or don’t cache) GPS Tracklog is the premium [...]

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Approaching My 10,000th Geocaching Find

This year has been rubbish for me for Geocaching. 2011 was pretty good despite a lot going on in my personal life with 3812 caches found. Prior to that I’d averaged around 2000 a year. But this year, I’ve done just 500 in the first six months of this year, and for me, that’s abysmal. [...]

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My First Ever Rejection (From 1991)

Whilst unpacking boxes yesterday I came across my first ever rejection. It was for a story I submitted to Interzone when I was eighteen called “…Just a dream”. Back then I considered myself a SF writer. I was a massive Star Wars fan (always have been, always will be) and thought that meant I had [...]

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