For some reason I’ve overhauled the website. I’ve long wanted to expand my bibliography with details on some of the articles I wrote for Memorablia magazine a decade ago. Not so much to make the bibliography bigger but because I worked hard on that magazine during its lifespan and I’m proud of the articles I wrote.
Trouble was that I thought I’d lost all my copies. That was until I was packing up the old house a couple of months back and came across them buried away in a cupboard. I was over the moon, even more so when I found the magazine with my first ever commissioned article from 1999.

So part of last weekend was spent going through these magazines and picking out my articles. It’s amazing how much you forget. I wrote an article on San Diego Comic Con? Oh yes, there’s the picture of me and Matt Groenig from The Simpsons. There’s the 5-page feature article I put together in a couple of hours when a freelancer dropped out at the last minute. It’s nice to be able to look back at these things and say, “yep, I did that!”
With that done, attention turned to a few other areas. I read a great article by Anne Lyle on Facebook for writers which gives some solid reasons why you need to set up your Facebook fan page well before you make your first novel sale. It felt a bit weird, a bit presumptuous, but still I went ahead and did it with the view that it’s part of some greater “social media” strategy.
I’ve recently joined Pinterest, more, if I’m honest, from a ‘me too’ perspective than having any real clear idea how to use it. I thought I’d upload some of the covers of publications I’ve done, which kinda made sense as I was already scanning some covers to add to the site’s bibliography.
Couple this with a non-fiction gig I hope to be able to announce soon that wants to link into my Google plus account, and by the end of the weekend, a minor update has turned into a major social media overhaul.
And then I find myself looking at the website and thinking that the wood effect looks a little old and dated. I’d put it together very much with a ‘fantasy author’ in mind but things have diversified so much lately that I needed one that conveyed a “writer of things”.
So one free theme later and WordPress has a shiny new coat and some new features. It still needs some tweaking though, and I’m not sure I like the font I used for my name.
And all this work, for what? For no reason other than I wanted to refine my bibliography. There are some people who get million pound book deals who go to less effort than I have in the last couple of days!