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LEGO Batman 2

I used to play a lot on the Xbox, but then I realised I was wasting tonnes of money on games I hardly played and so confined my gaming to predominantly World of Warcraft. There was the odd exception but in the majority the Xbox has been left to gather dust. After moving and then [...]

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Website Updates

For some reason I’ve overhauled the website. I’ve long wanted to expand my bibliography with details on some of the articles I wrote for Memorablia magazine a decade ago. Not so much to make the bibliography bigger but because I worked hard on that magazine during its lifespan and I’m proud of the articles I [...]

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My First Publishing Credit

When I was clearing out the old house I came across a lot of my old print publications that I thought I’d lost. I took them with me and, today, have spent the afternoon scanning covers and updating bibliographies. With some magazines I was actually quite surprised just how much I wrote, and whilst I [...]

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The Rains of Castamere

I've currently got the music from the second series of Game of Thrones on repeat. The album came out this week and is the perfect accompaniment to one of my writing projects. There's a lot of good tracks on the album (although if I'm honest I don't think it is as a strong as the [...]

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Thoughts On Games Writing

Games writing seems to be in the spotlight at the moment with complaints that it falls foul of sexism and genre tropes. Let me say, at the outset, that I think people wanting a better quality of writing in their games is a good thing. Only by people questioning the current norms can the issues [...]

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It’s Not About the (Geocaching) Numbers

It’s fair to say that this year has been a terrible caching year for me. It seems like there have been a long procession of issues which have stopped me caching. We have a saying in geocaching circles: “it’s not about the numbers”. That’s mostly true, but for some it is about the numbers. Everyone [...]

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It’s All About The (Writing) Numbers

With the day job meaning I was on call and a bad back stopping me doing any really serious Geocaching, this weekend seemed to be a good weekend to make progress on two of my writing projects. Project Llama is an unusual beast in that word count can be deceiving. Still in the absence of [...]

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Storm of Swords

I’d put off reading Storm of Swords. It’s a big book and I’m a slow reader. I’d also not enjoyed Clash of Kings. The circumstances regarding Renly annoyed me greatly, as if the tone of the worldbuilding suddenly shifted. It felt a forced book, one where the writer’s machinations were too clearly on show. However, [...]

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