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Make Good Art

Life has been unpredictable the last few months and if I'm honest, it's still not all settled down. Which probably means that projects I'm currently working on probably haven't sunk in yet. Somewhere along the line I realised I was a much better writer than I gave myself credit for. Still far from perfect with [...]

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Sometimes, you don’t update your blog because you have nothing to say, or more accurately, the time to say it. Moving was expensive and coupled with a few big bills, it’s meant that you’ve bunkered down and shut yourself away. Sometimes it means you’ve decided that since playing World of Warcraft costs under a tenner [...]

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New Story Acceptance

I'm happy to announce that my short story, Jetsam, has been accepted by Dark Fiction Magazine for a future issue. They've audio-fied a number of great stories in the past so I'm honoured that Jetsam will be joining the ranks. I'm genuinely excited about an audio version of Jetsam and can't wait to hear what [...]

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The World Of Harry Potter Attraction

As everyone gets older it can get more and more difficult to find xmas presents for people. The family decided to do arts and crafts a few years back and that’s been a lot of fun. But for people like my brother and parents, finding presents has been a bit of a pain. When stuck [...]

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