I’d had an idea for this post long before I moved. A proclamation of a new start coupled with a picture of the rising sun. Yes, not so much a new me, but a new era of my life.
Except that lives are complicated things and rarely clear cut. I have no doubt this is a new start, a new era and all those good buzzwords, but that won’t be evident the moment I move. I need a little time to adjust, to settle in. Change will become evident over time.
I had a writing project I planned to start on April 1st but the ideas though developed and advanced during the move, aren’t yet fully cooked. I suspect the next week will be spent with Excel planning both plot and character.
For now, my overall feeling is one of relief. Whilst there is still a mountain of work to do relating to the move, the hard bit is over, and I can relax a little.