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The Bookcase Dilemma

So where I’m moving too I can probably only fit in one bookcase. That means that a lot of my books need to go into storage. I’ve semi been planning for this eventuality and have been an ebook convert for years (an ebook library doesn’t take up any space!) But this gives me a major [...]

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Palisades Toys’ The Muppets Action Figure Line

I’m packing up the action figure collection. Most of the Star Wars is now packed, as is the G.I. Joe, and last night with great sadness I packed up two of my favourite lines of all time: ToyBiz’s Marvel Legends and Palisades Toys’ awesome Muppets line. Where I’m going there won’t be the room to [...]

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New Books By Friends

OK, so I have nothing to shill at the moment (although I’m due to have an accepted non-fiction article in print soon). But work has decided to wait until this week, the week I need to be busy packing (have I mentioned I need to pack for the move? Really? I was sure I’d never [...]

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The Free Universal Construction Kit Project

Close to 10 years ago, I wrote a big article on 3D Printers for Action-Figure. They were just starting to be used for prototyping by big industry with machines that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. But prices were destined to fall and in the article I envisioned a future where you wouldn’t so much [...]

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Eastercon Plans

So it looks like I am going to Eastercon. For a long time it didn’t look likely. First it was severe lack of funds, and then when I started the new job which has an out of hours element it was very likely I might be on call that weekend. And then there was the [...]

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I Should Be Packing

So I’m going to be moving in… little over a week. I really should be packing. I really should be having a clear out. I should be arranging storage and separating things that should go into storage from things that I need to move with me. I really should be… you know… doing things. I [...]

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Another Book Idea From Nowhere

The wonderful thing about ideas is that they never present themselves at the right time. In fact, they usually turn up at entirely the wrong time. They come out of nowhere and hit you sideways. Last night, an idea for a Swords and Sorcery novel dumped itself in my head. I’ve been thinking for the [...]

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Thoughts For The Day

Disassociated thoughts rattling around my brain today: Swords & Sorcery and the elements I love about the subgenre as well as favourite books. The fall of characters – characters who destroy their own self-worth by compromising their own integrity. Only by a little at first, but it starts a chain of events leading to their [...]

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On Alan Moore

There’s a story that always got told in the collectables industry about HR Giger. It’s one of those stories that has its origin in truth but has grown in the telling, such that I’m no longer sure just how much truth, if any, is left in the story. The story goes that a young sculptor [...]

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Dragon Slayers

There’s a tendancy these days to say that World of Warcraft’s reign is over. But whilst I would agree with a lot of the criticisms, games like The Old Republic have yet to grow into something that might capture me away. So I continue to raid with my guild weekly and continue to have a [...]

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