It’s typical when it comes to this time of year to look back, complain how shit the previous year has been and spout optimism for the one ahead.
In many ways 2011 was a difficult year for me. However, I wouldn’t say it was so much ‘shit’ as ‘challenging’. And for the most part, I think I managed to overcome those challenges. That makes it a successful year, right?

Being on medication that affected my mood was a major challenge. I’m a person who needs to be animated about things, and those drugs crippled me for months. This was at a time when I was finishing the final edits to the novel, and honestly I’m amazed I managed to do it. It was akin to climbing Everest using only your fingertips. At least, that’s what it felt like at the time.
I’ve emerged from this a lot stronger; I’m more full of life than I’ve ever been, more confident, and probably a whole lot more annoying 😉
On the writing front, I saw my first piece of professionally published fiction, I finished the novel, came up with ideas for a couple more and started another one. I’ve not managed to find an agent for the novel yet, but that hunt is ongoing (with added spears).
On the Geocaching front, I managed to best my yearly finds (although I would have liked to have hit 5000 finds for the year), and whilst I’m not planning to go out and try and beat that total in 2012, I hope I get a lot of finds. 2012 should also be the year of my 10,000th Geocaching find.
Gaming was good in 2011. Our Warcraft casual guild worked hard and went from a crap raid team to downing the first boss of the latest patch in the first week of release. We’ve had a lot of fun in the process. There are a lot of us currently playing Star Wars but I don’t think we’ll be stopping with WoW for some time. I also discovered Terraria, which is a brilliant little Indy game. In 2012, I hope our raiding continues to improve and I’m planning a few gaming challenges.
I said last year that I thought 2011 would be a limbo year, and in many ways, for me it has. For a lot of friends, though, 2011 has been a great year. My friends, Nick & Charlie, welcomed their first child. Adam, Anne and Lou all got book deals and Amanda ended up with her own imprint. It’s awesome to see other people do well, and long may it continue.
2012 is going to be a year for huge life changes. It’s going to be a big year whether the Mayans turn out to be right or not. On the writing front, I’ve got a novel to sell, and a few more around the corner. I’m hoping to see my writing time become a lot more structured. It would be nice to sell a novel in 2012 but that’s not something I can control.
2012 will see more non-fiction from me as well and I hope to expand that this year. I want to at least start on a couple of Geocaching related non-fiction books which I’ll probably self-publish given the limited market. Fiction I intend to continue to target towards the big publishers.
In 2012, I aim to be ‘fearless’ so I expect it will be a rollercoaster year of huge highs and massive, massive failures. For that reason, I’m probably going to talk a little less about what I’m writing even though I’m writing more than I ever have.
So I hope you all had an excellent 2011, and wish you a Happy New Year. It’s going to be EPIC!