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A Ridiculously Short List

I think if my list of revisions to the novel (post-appraisal) had been massively long, I'd bizarrely be less concerned. But it's not. It's incredibly short and that frightens me. So I've done the sensible thing and not just dive in. Instead I've spent the last few days thinking about the changes I need to [...]

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The Professional Verdict

So the professional appraisal came back. I read it then sent it to one of my alpha readers to take a look at and tell me as a neutral party what it was really saying. Because I was readying myself for this. I was ready to be told how terrible I was so I could [...]

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Moment Of Truth

So for the last month or so I've been in a kind of limbo. The novel was completed and sent out for professional appraisal. It was a huge milestone to have finally reached that stage and for the first few weeks there was relief mixed with a feeling of emptiness. But then I started to [...]

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Site Updates

I've finally got round to doing a number of site updates. I've changed webhosts and the blog has moved from using Drupal to Wordpress. This means it looks a little different, but all the old content has been migrated. You most likely don't need to know this, but I need to give some of the [...]

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