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My Problem With YA

Before I get compared to Martin Amis, let me say that I honestly think that YA is where the real innovation is going on in genre. It might not always be extending the boundaries but it's pulling new readers in, and more importantly hooking them. To understand my issue with it though, you have to [...]

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I Worry Too Much

I’ve come to the conclusion that writing needs to be a secondary activity for me. The trouble is that when it becomes a primary one, I become like a rabbit in headlights, afraid to move left or right for making some mistake or other. That isn’t conducive to being creative. Now don’t get me wrong, [...]

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Conversations With a First Time Ebook Pirate

First off, if you've come here expecting a ranty moan about ebook pricing, this probably isn't the blog post for you. If on the other hand, you're interested to hear what I learned from speaking to a work colleague who has started pirating books at 64, read on. Let's kick it off by saying that [...]

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Reminisces of ToyFair

Had I still of been running the old site, I would have probably been in New York City this week. The US ToyFair is a trade-only event where retailers see upcoming product from toy makers for the year ahead and make their orders accordingly. Of course amongst all the baby products are the things we [...]

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Review – Rivers of London

I read Rivers of London at a bad time. I’d just read Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson and absolutely loved the book, feeling it a pinnacle of post-Tolkien fantasy. I raved about that book. So of course anything I read after that was going to feel like a come-down no matter how much [...]

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Review – Gardens of the Moon

I fear this review is going to be a little worthless. You see, as a writer or critic we have some experience of the tools of writing: the character arcs, the themes, the worldbuilding, and so on. We’re able to unstitch novels and look at these component parts, judging each on its own merit. Hence [...]

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Being Creative

One of my friends recently remarked how they suffered from ‘artistic impotence’. I blame being around creators of all sorts over the SFX Weekender, but it still got me slightly riled. For the record, I don’t consider this friend an idiot (though I might tell him otherwise to his face just for shits and giggles). [...]

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The Obligatory SFX Weekender Post

For some reason I always seem to go to a convention and come back with a load of new personal philosophies on my writing career. I say some reason, but in truth I know them all and drafted a big long blog post about it all before I decided that wasn’t what I wanted my [...]

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