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The Finishing Post Is In Sight

I’ve been very quiet about the editing of my novel lately, and if you were following my twitter and Facebook streams you might be forgiven for thinking it’s taken a bit of a back seat. In reality, it hasn’t, and I’m still putting twenty plus hours a week into it. I’m just balls-deep in rewrites. [...]

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Jetsam – The First Review

I've been busy these last few days trying to write a blog post about destiny. There's been quite a bit of really good discussion about it on Twitter this past week, but trying to collect and collate all my thoughts has proved to be a bigger job than I thought. So I'm aware I need [...]

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Going Digital… Again

I used to love ebooks. When I got my first ebook reader, a Bookeen cybook, I used it all the time and swore it was the future. I used to buy all my books from a place called Fictionwise that used bizarre economics whereby I always got more back in credit than I spent (to [...]

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Review – The Name Of The Wind

The Name of the Wind tells the life story of Kvothe, a legendary hero, and goes about showing the more realistic story behind the legend. It’s a book about deconstructing legends and in that sense, it’s a book about story. The problem for me is that a novel must have plot. It must have a [...]

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The Fear

Part of the fun of being a writer is that as you grow you begin to learn your own process. This is both like and unlike any other writer’s process. When they relay their experiences there are those moments when you’ll find yourself nodding, but then there are those which seem so alien, so counter [...]

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A New Addition To The Family

I woke this morning to something large coming through the letter box. I'll admit that my first thought was a DVD, but since I now buy blu-ray and haven't got any order outstanding, I'll put it down to the fog of sleep. What it turned out to be was something much more exciting: The first [...]

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Nobby No Mates

I got a very nice call last night to tell me I’d won 4 tickets to the SFX Weekender. To say I was pleased was a slight understatement. It looked like a lot of what I know as the “book crowd” were going and I’d regretted not booking when there were offers on. Whilst there [...]

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On Destiny

Yesterday I sent you on over to Sam Sykes blog. Today I’m going to send you over to Pornokitsch and their review of Brandon Sanderson’s Way Of The Kings. Not for the review – although that is very good in itself – but for the insight into the issues with High Fantasy. I have a [...]

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Cardboard Villains

Over at Sam Sykes’s blog today he talks about the new NBC superhero show, The Cape. I’ve not seen it but by all accounts, it’s bad. Sam spends a lot of time outlining what he sees wrong with the series, focusing on the cardboard villain. He goes into some detail why he thinks this is [...]

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Chapter Rewrites

January, and the return to work after the Xmas has meant I feel exhausted. How I envy through rose-tinted glasses those who can write full time. My spare time over the last few days has been taken up with the rewrite of a chapter. I’m taking it incredibly slowly and whilst the chapter isn’t a [...]

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