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The Obligatory 2011 Review

It’s typical when it comes to this time of year to look back, complain how shit the previous year has been and spout optimism for the one ahead. In many ways 2011 was a difficult year for me. However, I wouldn’t say it was so much ‘shit’ as ‘challenging’. And for the most part, I [...]

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Short Story Interlude

I don't really consider myself a short story writer. The way my brain ticks and my ideas mature into plots seem to suit novel length fiction. However, I've been known to write short stories and that's what I'm doing this week. Behind it all is a thought that my fiction is sometimes a little too [...]

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Writing Update

So Christmas is over and we’re heading towards the New Year. My arts and crafts gifts for 2011 have been given out and I can finally reclaim my kitchen into being … you know, a kitchen, rather than a production line. So we’re now in those few days on the calendar where we like to [...]

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Substance Abuse And The Creative Mind

I’ve not watched a lot of TV over the Xmas period – I’m even waiting to watch Doctor Who until I’ve got my new monitor set up – but one of the things that I did was a documentary on the late comedian, Bill Hicks. I never got into the whole Bill Hicks thing when [...]

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A Walk Along The River Chelmer

As many regulars will know, outside of writing one of my big passions is Geocaching – hunting the countryside for Tupperware contianiners.  What started out as an added incentive to go out for a walk has grown into a near-obsession, with over 9000 finds since I started ‘caching’ back in May 2008. Some caches are [...]

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Top Ten Things To Incite Shopping Rage

Normally, I’m a placid, tolerant kind of person. I think it’s fair to say that I am a nice person. However, yesterday I went Xmas food shopping and it brought out some inner rage. I am practicising to become a grumpy old man – I believe after years of being nice, I have earned this [...]

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My Problems With Atheism

I consider myself an atheist but I have real problems with it. I’m a pluralist. Belief is a personal thing and as such, each must choose their own way. It’s a shame that so many atheists feel the need to attack religion, to the extent that I don’t like to call myself an atheist, because [...]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

I'm still unsure whether this really has an endgame or not, but I'm currently in the early access for the latest MMO; Star Wars The Old Republic. I played beta back in November and had to stop myself from spoiling the game for release, but now we're there and I'm having a lot of fun [...]

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I have always been a deadline person. Admittedly, I am usually pretty close to the deadline but that’s because I do tend to leave things to the last minute. I think that’s because there’s no time for doubt or options, leaving you to just worry about making what you have the best it can be. [...]

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The Player Story

I think the greatest story in an MMO is not the one dictated by the game but the one the player creates for themselves. It's that which makes me worry that the new Star Wars MMO will feel restrictive after a while. I'm not a huge EVE Online fan. I love the concept of the [...]

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