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Review of 2010

2010 was a limbo year for me as a writer, but an important one. With the acceptance of ‘Jetsam’ to New Horizons magazine, I started the year on a high. Having someone pick up that story was immensely important to me; some personal validation that this whole fiction malarkey wasn’t some fool’s errand and that [...]

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My Favourite Reads of 2010

It's that time of year where I need to find the gold suit at the back of the wardrobe, brush it off and present my best cheesy smile as I look back at 2010 and name my favourite reads. The focus of my reading in 2010 was on new fantasy authors. I wanted to see [...]

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Review – Retribution Falls

The cover quote from Peter Hamilton says “Retribution Falls is the kind of old fashioned adventure I didn't think we were allowed to write any more” and I think it’s very true. It’s mixture of strange lands, airships and magic cutlasses makes it at time feel like a fantasy novel, a steampunk novel and a [...]

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In Which I Suck

I suck. No, truly I do! I’ve finally worked out why the editing on the novel is going so slowly. I’d initially put it down to being inexperienced at proper editing. I’ve been lucky that in non-fiction I can get to a publishable version inside a single draft, but that means I’ve never had to [...]

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Your Orchestral Tune For The Day

This is currently what I'm writing epic fantasy to. Yes, I know this track doesn't really lend itself to fantasy, but then this isn't the normal type of epic fantasy. It's from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack which I really recommend to those of you who like listening to soundtracks whilst you write.

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Review – The Shattering

As a rule, I don't have a problem with Tie-In Fiction. I'm very much in the "you like what you like" camp and don't think you should ever be ashamed of your reads. The argument against tie-in fiction is often that it is of a lesser quality, that because it is work for hire, authors [...]

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Charging The Creative Batteries

Procrastination can be very frustrating. You have a mountain of work to do, you've cleared the time to actually be able to do it, and suddenly you can't think about your novel for wanting to dig that old DVD box set out and watch. One of the most important things I've learned as a writer [...]

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New Story Being Published In December

Ahh December! That time of goodwill and worrying what you're going to buy your aunty for Christmas. 2010 seems to have flown past but it's not quite time for the best of the year lists. No, there's still time to squeeze out some extra news. I have some fiction due for publication this month! Yes. [...]

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